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Adding Ornamental Detail to Old Piece of Furniture

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Dressers and Desks, Side Furniture | 0 comments

Transformation of furniture with ornamental detail

One beautiful Saturday in May 2015, my husband and I were browsing garage sales to find the rare gem with ornamental detail, and that’s when his eyes were drawn to an object hidden behind a table littered with items for sale. So he slipped behind it to find a beautiful little chest of drawers. Happy with his discovery and knowing my great passion for the restoration of furniture and various objects, he, therefore, hastened to show me his find.

Despite its great lack of love, when I saw it I fell in love with it, I was won over by its unique curves and details. Very disappointed to learn that it was not for sale, my husband finally managed to negotiate it for the modest sum of $20, you can guess my enthusiasm.

Being the owners of a century-old house, we have a particular attachment to old furniture, and some of them need upgrading to come back to life again, such was the case with our little chest of drawers.

furniture before

The products used

 cabinet with stencil

Phase 1 – Preparation of the furniture

  •  Remove drawers and handles
  • Lay the piece of furniture flat on a large canvas to be able to strip it as well as the header
  • Sand the furniture starting with 80 grit paper and finish with 120 grit paper
  • Spray the furniture with Cleaner and Varnish Remover, spread it with a cloth and leave it to work for a few minutes
  • Be sure to rinse well with water to remove all residue;
  • Apply the Oil Primer and respect the drying time.


Phase 2 – Painting

You are now ready to apply the first coat of paint. If necessary, sand very lightly between coats with 220 grit sandpaper.


Phase 3 – Surface protection

  • Allow the paint to dry very well before waxing;
  • With the large round XL brush doing a small section at a time, apply a layer of Natural Beeswax all over the furniture including the header;
  • Wipe well with the paper towel.


Phase 4 – Finishing Touch

  • With the white cloth and your fingertip, apply the White Wax to the desired places on the wooden ornaments
  • Strip the handles and paint them with gold paint
  • Fill the old handle holes with the wood filler and sand lightly
  • Drill new holes to reposition the handles
furniture after

After five years of waiting and some great ideas in mind, I decided to paint it with ease and bring out the richness of its magnificent curves. In all its glory, it beautifully adorns a corner of our guest room.

Diane Lavoie


Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Diane Lavoie

Diane Lavoie is a great Colorantic paint enthusiast. At first a faithful consumer of our chalk paint from wire to brush, we started collaborating with her. Very talented, with a completely natural sense of style and her projects are always sumptuous! Diane is very creative and she understands how to get a lot with little. His blog posts are always interesting. Here is a selection of articles written by Diane Lavoie. - Recycle a window using Colorantic paint - Transforming old cabinets Diane Lavoie is particularly active in giving you advice in the French-speaking Facebook group '' TRUCS/Déco en tout genre ''. She shows you her latest projects, new products, her inspirations of the moment, her interventions are always relevant! Diane does not only like decorating and painting. She is a woman of heart who loves to celebrate her family, her husband but also her faithful feline friend Cinnamon, who loves to embellish the decorations too. Word from Diana; Our dream is to restore an old house. We acquired a house built in 1906 and in 1992 this adventure began. I like the decor and I like the originality. Seven years ago I discovered a passion for the upgrading of furniture and various recovered objects. Now that the house has been completely restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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