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Glazes can be used as stains!

Tinting with Colorantic glazes is much easier than you might think. Dare to create a yellow, red, pink, blue, green, etc. dye!
Mix 1/4 of the Colorantic paint color of your choice with 3/4 of Window Clear Glaze, and you can create your own stain.

The Chocolate Cake, White Cloud and Kitten Gray colors are already pre-mixed. You can use them as a more or less opaque dye depending on the number of coats applied. If you want to see the wood grain, just one coat of your tinted glaze and you’re done!

You can mix Clear Glaze (Translucent Window) with any Colorantic™ chalk paint color. The recipe is simple: 3/4 glaze for 1/4 paint. This is how you can create your own ‘coloured opaque stain’ according to your needs.


One technique is to apply 2 coats of tinted glaze to your wood surface. Wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth. When it is completely dry (dries very quickly), you can apply your coat of color then sand or wipe your paint with a damp cloth. You will then see through the paint the tinted glaze in places.

Another article is available and also explains other details about glazes, be sure to check it out after this video!

The glazes

Thanks to R-Usé from Victoriaville for their collaboration during this video! This video is in French. We will soon upload an English version of this tutorial.


Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint by Colorantic

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