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Mason Jars

No matter the season, painting DIY glass mason jars remains a decorative and fun idea to try with different colors.

What could be more beautiful than enhancing your decor with DIY Masson jars? An affordable idea for all budgets, giving an air of the countryside in your decor and in addition you will realize it by yourself!


Clean your glass bottle with a damp cloth and some tsp cleaner, rinse and let dry.  Use your Colorantic 2-sided sanding pad to lightly sand your surface.


Painting your mason jars

  • Using your foam brush, start painting your mason jar with thin coats of paint. Usually, two coats are enough.
  • Wait 30 minutes between coats to get a better effect.
  • Lightly sand using your sanding block in places that you want to have an aged effect.
  • Using your Colorantic Natural Bee wax and your wax brush, apply the wax all over your jar.
  • Wipe off the access wax with a cotton cloth.

Happy Painting!

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