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Waxing chalk-painted furniture with Colorantic waxes

An old piece of furniture, a shelf, a decorative accessory… Have you thought about using Colorantic chalk paint? Easy to use, this paint is sure to win you over and give free rein to your artistic expression. Get out your paintbrushes. Colorantic’s water-based, matte-finish chalk paint offers several advantages. It’s easy to use this product to give an old-fashioned look or even a second life to a piece of furniture.

As well as being easy to use, Colorantic chalk paint lets you give free rein to your imagination and artistic expression. Use one or more colors and cover with light or dark wax. Step back and admire the result. You can superimpose two or more colors for surprising results.

First, choose from our six waxes

Colorantic offers a wide variety of waxes in 4 and 8 oz. sizes:

How to wax a piece of furniture

First of all, how do you wax a piece of furniture? First of all, what’s our advice? See all the details in this short video produced in collaboration with Victoriaville furniture artisans R-Usé and Colorantic.

Remember that it’s best to apply the natural wax before applying the dark waxes. The wax takes up to seven days to dry. To speed up drying, you can sand/wipe the waxed surface..

Colorantic wax

The Colorantic package

Why settle for one wax when you can get five? Please visit our website to purchase the package containing the following five waxes:

  • Natural bee
  • White snow
  • Grey storm
  • Antique brown
  • Black coal

The benefits of wax

– Protecting the surface

The main purpose of waxes is to protect your furniture after painting. Naturelle d’abeille leaves a soft, satin finish on the surface and is also “food grade” approved, so it can be used on butcher blocks, a cutting board or a wooden fruit bowl.

It is very important that wax is the last product applied to your furniture. If you apply paint, glaze or varnish over the wax, the product will not hold.

Once the paint is dry, all that’s left to do is apply the wax. In addition to protecting your furniture, it will give it more relief. If you use Colorantic’s natural beeswax, the paint will retain its color.

The darker wax will provide more contrast and allow you to add an old-fashioned look to your masterpiece. Don’t hesitate!

– Creating a false finish

Finally, waxes containing pigments allow you to give your furniture a shine while making it unique!

  • With Neige blanche wax, for example, you can achieve a “WhiteWashed” cloud effect and a “Shabby-Chic” style.
  • With Antique Brown wax, you’ll achieve a “time-worn” effect.
  • With Tempête grise wax, you can achieve a “barn wood” distressed effect.

So to find out more about the false finishes possible with our waxes, read our article dedicated to waxes: Canadian Colorantic™ Waxes.

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