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Colorantic waxes

Colorantic waxes are made in Canada and are available in five magnificent colours, not forgetting our Natural Bee which is colourless. They are available in 2 oz and 4 oz formats (8 oz while supplies last) 

They are made with beeswax and natural oil. 

The beeswax is passed through a sieve to make it clear, so it will not turn your pale-coloured creations yellow. The coloured waxes are ready to use. Have fun creating new shades by mixing them. 

Whatever colour you choose, it will give a unique effect to your furniture.

Finishes Possible with Colorantic Waxes

Natural Bee

In addition to protecting the paint, our Bee Natural wax gives a satin finish. 

Wax is not recommended for areas that require regular maintenance, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, chairs, etc. It is used for occasional furniture. 

  • When planning to add dark wax to your project, we strongly recommend applying a coat of Bee Natural wax before applying the dark wax. This will make it easier for you to apply dark waxes and will allow you to easily make corrections if necessary. 

Our Bee Natural wax is food grade, so you can use it safely on items that will come into contact with food, such as a butcher block, a wooden fruit bowl, etc.

White Snow

For a faded effect, a seaside look or simply to bring out a decorative element, our White Snow wax is the perfect choice. It can be used on both pale and dark shades. 


Antique Brown

Do you want to create an antique effect for your project? Use our Antique Brown wax wherever you want and that’s it. It will bring out the decorative elements and also give depth to the cavities.

Grey Storm

Want to give a unique look to your project ? Our Grey Storm wax is the shade you need. Don’t hesitate to use it, you will be surprised by its effect.

Black Coal

Our Black Coal wax is ideal for giving a worn effect. Apply to corners and edges of furniture and doors as well as in cavities.

“Barn Wood” Finish

It is possible to layer more wax colours on a surface. Do not be afraid to layer the following shades: Antique Brown, Grey Storm and White Snow! Don’t hesitate to mix colours to create new shades. 

And there you are have it, a “Barn Wood” look!

white wax colorantic furniture

Here’s What You Need to Know


Depending on the amount applied and the humidity level in the room, the wax can take seven days to dry, or even up to a month. 

We suggest maintaining waxed furniture or objects using a clean, dry cloth. 

Finally, you are now able to make an informed choice regarding our waxes.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team, we will be happy to guide you! 


The Colorantic™ team

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8 Replies to “Canadian Colorantic™ waxes”

  1. It’s best if you add the natural beeswax first, then the dark wax. C’est mieux si vous appliquez la cire naturelle d’abeille avant puis la cire foncée après.

  2. Veronique

    Does the wax act as a “sealer” after you’ve applied chalk paint? Or should we use top coat?

  3. Blair

    I’m working on the frame of a mirror and have one coat each of clear and dark brown creme wax. I want to add black for more depth. Can I use your black wax for this? Should I put a coat of clear on first?

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