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Colorantic waxes

First of all, Canadian Colorantic™ waxes are made in 5 colors (Natural Bee, Gray Storm, White Snow, Black Charcoal and Antique Brown). They are also available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz formats. What’s more, they’re made from high-quality natural products such as beeswax and natural oils. For each color, we add pigments.

Firstly, the waxes are designed to protect your furniture following the application of Colorantic™ chalk paint. Colorantic’s pigment-containing waxes will give your furniture that special shine!


The 5 available colors

Natural beeswax

Grey storm wax

Antique brown wax

Charcoal wax

White snow wax

Possible finishes with Colorantic™ waxes

wax finishes
Natural bee

Natural beeswax on acai berry

Finished with natural beeswax

In short, in addition to protecting the paint, Natural Beeswax leaves a satin finish on the color.

However, it is not recommended for table tops, kitchen cabinets or bathroom furniture.

By the way, wax can take from 7 days to a month to dry properly, although this depends on how much you’ve applied.

And waxed furniture should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Finished with Neige blanche wax

Then, for a faded effect, or a seaside look, white snow wax is an excellent choice! Because it can be used on light colors (not including whites) and darker colors.

To ensure that everything goes according to plan, we suggest that you apply the natural beeswax first, to facilitate the application of our colored waxes.


white snow wax finish

Once again, here is an effect of white snow wax on acai berry.

finished with antique brown wax

To achieve an antique effect, use Antique Brown wax on a cotton ball.

Finished with antique brown wax

And if you want an antique effect for your project? Then use our Antique Brown wax in corners and cavities, and you’re done!

For best results, we suggest you apply the natural beeswax first to facilitate the application of our colored waxes.


Finished with Tempête grise wax

But then again, is a barnwood style the look you want for your furniture? Because you can do it with gray storm wax.

Even so, we suggest you apply the natural beeswax first to facilitate the application of our colored waxes.

grey storm wax finish

Tempête grise wax on cotton ball

black charcoal wax finish

Illustrates well the effect of Charbon noir wax on our Cotton ball color

Finished with Charbon noir wax

So not only is our Charcoal Black wax ideal for getting a worn finish. Apply to corners of furniture and doors, and in cavities.

That’s why we suggest you apply the natural beeswax first, to facilitate the application of our colored waxes. Because otherwise the results won’t be as seen here. This way, the color will glide on better and be more uniform!


Barn wood” finish

More than one wax color can be superimposed on a surface. If you’re leaving your project on natural wood, but would like to highlight it, layer the following colors: Antique Brown, Grey Storm and White Snow!

And voila, you have a “barn wood” finish.

Barn wood finish

Here, grey storm wax, antique brown and white snow on natural wood.

Finally, you are now in a position to make an informed choice regarding wax. Moreover, our waxes are available in both individual and set formats.


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10 Replies to “Canadian Colorantic™ waxes”

    • Sarina Bernard

      It’s better to use the wax brush. The cloth will absorb the wax. There is less loss with à brush. The other advantage with the brush is that it’s easier to create an antique look when you use a coloured wax. We recommend a different brush for each wax colour.

  1. Blair

    I’m working on the frame of a mirror and have one coat each of clear and dark brown creme wax. I want to add black for more depth. Can I use your black wax for this? Should I put a coat of clear on first?


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