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Antiquing of a side table with Dusty Rose

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Antique furniture, Side Furniture | 0 comments

Antiquing of a side table

The love of transforming antique furniture inspired me to this project. This large side table has a lot of details and I wanted to make it a bit simpler. The Dusty Rose colour by Colorantic was chosen to give it back its beauty while keeping its vintage look.

side table
side table

The preparation

The first step is to completely sand the table from all angles. A light sanding is enough because the Colorantic chalk-based paint covers very well. I recommend using the coarse side of the sanding block. Clean off any sanding residue with the cleaner and varnish remover to remove any remaining dirt or greasy substances that could affect the paint adhesion. Let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step.


The transformation

Because of the large size of this side table, Dusty Rose was the perfect colour to achieve the simple look I wanted. One coat was enough because the table was originally a salmon pink colour and the Colorantic chalk-based paint has a lot of coverage. The European oval paintbrush is my favourite for this kind of task. The paint dries very quickly, and the fine grain of the sanding block softened the small brush strokes and prepared it for the application of the antique brown wax. I used the Snow White paintbrush to apply the wax to all the edges and small details of the furniture. When used sparingly, this brown wax looks a lot like gold.



The Natural Beeswax was applied all over with the European-style paintbrush. The small gold-coloured original handles complemented the Dusty Rose colour very well. I let the side table dry for a few days.

side table

Here is a beautiful vintage pink side table that would look great in any room.

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Claire Gendron


L’atelier du meuble vintage


Claire gendron et son chien amoureuse de la peinture à la craie

Claire Gendron

Claire Gendron loves chalk based paint and vintage furniture. She is a fan of upgrading furniture and creating magnificent, sober, and elegant pieces. Claire Gendron works as a heart of the company L'Atelier du Meubles Vintage. She has more than one brush in her bag. She will surprise you more than once with her unique and charming creations! It is once again the wonderful Colorantic chalk based paint that is highlighted during its sublime creations. An efficient and ecological product. It adheres to all surfaces whether porous, smooth or glossy. The Colorantic chalk based paints and products are perfect for all original projects! Moreover, Colorantic brushes are specially designed for the use of chalk based paint! The colour palette is complete. And if you have a particular colour, it's always easy by taking a custom colour via their website! Colorantic's Chalk based paint gives you a beautiful matte finish, which you can protect with wax, varnish or glaze! Not just this, you can also paint on fabric! Colorantic experts are here to answer all your questions. And advise you on ambitious projects! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, all the advice given will help you carry out your project!


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