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Farmhouse style restoration of a China Cabinet | vaisselier style farmhouse


First of all, recovering furniture is my passion. And for that china cabinet with the missing legs and yellowed glass, I had big plans! And the gorgeous Colorantic Volcano color was my inspiration to give it a chic, vintage feel. So here’s what I used to make this retro piece of furniture in solid wood. So, if you do as I do, you too will have a superb farmhouse-style china cabinet!

china cabinet

The products you need to make a farmhouse-style china cabinet

china cabinet


First of all, although Colorantic paint adheres well, light sanding with the sanding block (rough side) is necessary to ensure complete adhesion.
Cleaning with the varnish cleaner and make-up remover will remove all traces of dirt and dust. And I suggest cleaning with a sweeper.
Then lightly sand the handles and hinges. And if you want them to match the color of your furniture, Colorantic paint also adheres to metal. All you have to do is apply an oil primer first.

The farmhouse-style china cabinet

First of all, Boule de coton was used on the bottom of the china cabinet and on the shelves to brighten up the interior. The color is neutral and matches the Volcano gray used for the cabinet’s exterior.
And two coats were enough to cover the entire piece of furniture. Then, once the paint had dried, the stapler was used to install the chicken wire around the doors in place of the glass that had originally been there.
And the European brush was the perfect choice for paint application.


Then Finishing

Then we sand with the fine side of the sanding block to soften any brushstrokes that might have left marks. Then the application of grey wax with the 16mm wax brush aged the curves and corners of the china cabinet. Because it gives it a farmhouse, contemporary look. Natural beeswax completes the job. And finally, Colorantic colors have given it a new neutral, chic and trendy look.

china cabinet

And follow me for more vintage inspiration!

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