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Transfoming Bedroom Furniture

Since our marriage in July 1976, we have had the same bedroom furniture. High quality maple wood furniture manufactured by Vilas, a Canadian company located in Victoriaville.

We still loved this set a lot and for several years, seeing so many revalorisation projects, I also wanted to give it a new look, even if it is still in very good condition.

My husband wasn’t thrilled by my idea, his fear was that the furniture would lose all of its charm. Although my head was full of ideas, none of them were convincing enough to persuade him.

After doing some research, showing him photos and getting a few ideas, I finally had all the right points allowing me to persuade him.

Seeing the photos and knowing my concern for a job well done, he then agreed to my idea of ​​the transformation. On the other hand, he wanted to keep the very beautiful wardrobe in its natural state. Even before undertaking this transformation, I already knew that there would be a lot of white in this room, so I happily accepted his idea knowing that it would bring a nice touch of warmth in all of the whiteness.

This is the project that took me the most time to plan out, not being convinced myself that I was making the right decision.

Preparing the furniture

First, I removed the handles.

I sprayed the cleaner and varnish remover on all surfaces and left it on for 30 minutes. I sprayed twice during the rest time.

After the rest time, I took care to rinse well with hot water twice to remove all residue.

Using the sanding block, I scratched the surfaces to allow the primer to adhere very well. I was sure to wipe off all of the dust before continuing.

Then I applied a coat of primer using a foam roller and respected the recommended drying time before applying the paint.

Now comes the most fun, that of applying the paint.


Paint application

Using the microfiber roller, I applied the first coat of paint, Delicate White.

Using the brushes, I applied a second coat of paint while gently sprinkling a little water on the surface to allow the paint to glide well.

I made the wear in the desired areas using the sanding block, sanding paper and a damp cloth (t-shirt).



After letting the paint dry, about five hours, I applied the varnish using a foam roller and the #6 oval brush.

Image Transfer

Carefully, I applied the desired patterns in the image transfer and I very delicately affixed them to the drawers using a spatula.



For this transformation, it was important that I kept the original handles, because I wanted a link with the natural wood cabinet.

Even though I wanted to keep them, I wanted to give them a different look from those on the wardrobe.

I soaked them overnight in a mixture of water and T.S.P., taking care not to submerge them completely, so that the T.S.P would have a chemical reaction on the metal.

The next day I rinsed them very well under running water, and I noted the very nice chemical effect that had been produced by submerging them somewhat with the mixture of water and T.S.P. I really couldn’t have done a better job painting them!


That’s How I Transformed our Bedroom Furniture!

Finally, thanks to the upgrading of the furniture, the new bedding and some new decorations, our room has a whole new look.

I added some decorations that go well with the wooden cabinet, and my husband is ultimately very pleased with  my choices, he loves our new bedroom.


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