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Upgrading bedroom furniture | How to recover bedroom furniture


For several years, I’ve been thinking about upgrading our bedroom furniture, which is very important to me.

And because my husband wasn’t really convinced by the idea, it was the project that took me the longest to think about.

So although my head was full of ideas, none of them were convincing enough to persuade him.

And after getting a few ideas from left and right. In the end, I had the right persuasive arguments to make my project a reality.

Preparing the furniture

  • First remove the handles and soak them overnight in a mixture of water and T.S.P., taking care not to submerge them completely so that the T.S.P. doesn’t have a chemical reaction on the metal.
  • Then spray the varnish cleaner and make-up remover onto the furniture, spread it over all surfaces with a paper towel and leave it to work for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well twice to remove all residues.
  • You’ll also need to scratch surfaces by lightly sanding them with a sanding block.
  • Then apply the primer coat using a foam roller, respecting the recommended drying time.

Now we’re ready to get started!

Paint application

  • Start by applying the first coat of paint, Blanc délicat, using a microfiber roller.
  • Using the brushes, apply the second coat of paint, gently spraying a little water over the surface to allow the paint to glide on smoothly.
  • Wear in the desired areas using the sanding block, sanding paper and a damp cloth (t-shirt).

Then it’s on to surface protection

Then let the paint dry thoroughly before applying the varnish with a foam roller and #6 oval brush.

Then the image transfer application

Carefully cut out the desired motifs from the image transfer and carefully apply them to the drawers with a spatula.

That’s how you recycle bedroom furniture!

Finally, thanks to upgraded furniture, new bedding and a few new decorations, our room has a whole new look.

And I’ve kept the beautiful wardrobe in its natural state to add a touch of warmth to all this whiteness.

Finally, my husband is very proud of my clever choices, and loves our new bedroom.

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