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Fabric Painting | How to paint fabric

How do I paint fabric?

First of all, I had a love/hate relationship with my armchair. I love it because it’s comfortable, in good condition and, not forgetting, it’s been cradling my little treasures for 11 years now. So I’ll show you how to paint fabric with Colorantic!

I’d heard long ago that you could paint fabric with chalk paint, but I have to admit I was a little afraid to dare, but I shouldn’t have been.

First, prepare the fabric to be painted

First, simply clean the stains (if any) with a mild soap and rinse the fabric.
Then vacuum to remove dust from all over the chair.


And that’s all there is to it! Ready for the next step.

Preparing the mix

Since I wanted to mix colors, I made an equal mix of the night color and the tractor dust color. So 1/4 part Colorantic paint ½ part kitten grey glaze and ¼ part water.

Otherwise I would have used this one: 1 part paint to ½ part glaze and ¼ part water.

Painting fabric, the heart of the matter

I used the 55 mm oval brush in natural bristle as I find it covers the surface well, and the bristles stay wet more easily when I spray water on them. Spraying with water not only prevents the hair from drying out, but also makes application easier.

Before starting to paint, it’s important to spray the fabric with water to help the paint absorb into the fabric. The first layer will be less noticeable at the same time, as the fabric will absorb more of it.

I applied three coats of my mixture, letting them dry well between each application. In between, I lightly sanded the fabric to soften it.

When my last coat was given, I wasn’t satisfied, as in some places where the fabric was used more, the paint hadn’t penetrated as well, so I applied another coat, but diluting my mixture with water, insisting in certain places.

Last step when painting fabric

I applied Colorantic’s natural beeswax with a round wax brush, working in small sections that I rubbed with a cotton cloth to remove excess wax.

Now you know how to paint fabric

Just goes to show, you shouldn’t be afraid to dare in life!
Now I’ve got an up-to-date armchair that allows me to preserve my memories.

Lisa Montminy


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