Shelf unit recovered with black pennies

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Recovery is always part of the furniture that I make, whether it is used for the decoration or for upgrading the furniture. This three tierd shelving unit with deep shelves was perfect for using old coins! So search your drawers, this is what I used for the transformation.

shelf unit

Products used



shelf unit

The preparation

Chalk-based paint adheres very well to lightly sanded surfaces. For the surface that will accommodate the epoxy resin, it is better to sand more vigorously to be sure that it adheres well. Remove all traces of grease and dirt using the cleaner & varnish remover.


The transformation

Arm yourself with patience and glue the coins one by one with wood glue. Allow time for the pennies to stick by letting them dry for a good 12 to 24 hours. By following all the steps to the letter, you are ready to prepare and then pour your epoxy resin. Gradually pour your mixture and divide it if you have several shelves to do. After a few minutes air bubbles will rise to the surface and it is very important to make them disappear using a torch. Let dry at least 12 hours in a warm, dry place.


The final step

For this antique shelf, the new Zen chalk-based paint colour was applied with the Snow-White paint brush. This blue, green, grey, goes wonderfully with the brass-coloured coins. Two coats were enough. The use of the Antique Brown wax aged the blue to perfection. To give it its patina, I applied it  on the corners and angles of the cabinet. The epoxy resin does not require any protection since it is equivalent to 60 coats of varnish. To protect the paint I used Natural Beeswax. Let the wax dry 48 hours!


shelf unit

The antique, blue Zen shelf goes very well with the golden decorations with lighting that will highlight its brilliance and its colors!


Claire Gendron


Claire gendron et son chien amoureuse de la peinture à la craie

Claire Gendron

Amoureuse de la peinture à la craie, et des meubles d'allure vintage, cette adepte de ravalorisation de meubles crée de magnifiques pièces sobres et élégantes. Celle qui est au coeur de l'entreprise L'atelier du meuble Vintage,  a plus d'un pinceau dans sa besas et sauras vous surprendre plus d'une fois avec ses créations uniques et charmantes! C'est encore une fois la merveilleuse peinture à la craie Colorantic qui est mit en valeur lors de ses sublimes créations, un produit performant et écologique qui adhère à toutes surfaces qu'elles soient poreusses, lisses ou lustrées* pour tout les projets originaux! Les pinceaux Colorantic sont spécialement concu pour l'utilisation de la peinture à la craie!  


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