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Ikea hacks with Colorantic products and EcoTouch

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Bedroom Sets, Ikea Hacks, Shelf Unit, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments

Restoring an Ikea bookcase

It’s our great pleasure to announce our brand new collaboration with the talented Sandra Prémont from the EcoTouch YouTube channel. Part-time remedial teacher, mother of two and influencer for 2 years, Sandra will charm you with her sense of humor and her gentleness.

Product used

EcoTouch Ikea hack

Zero waste and Ikea hacks

She shares, on her channel, her tips and tricks for living a lifestyle closer to zero waste as well as the recovery and upgrading of furniture. The versatility of our products as well as its creativity make this collaboration a perfect opportunity to teach you more about the different techniques that you can apply to your projects.

Each week we will share her videos with you on our different platforms. You will have the opportunity to see her videos circulating on our Facebook page as well as through our weekly newsletter.

Without further ado, we present to you her very first project made with our products. The rejuvenation of an Ikea KALLAX bookcase for her daughter’s bedroom. A very simple bookcase at first, which turned into a nice large creative surface for a preteen full of projects.

Ikea hacks KALLAX

A very interesting project and quite simple to carry out. Why throw away our old furniture if we can give it a second life? With a little creativity and the right products, anything is possible!

To learn more about Sandra and her achievements visit her channel:


Sandra Prémont

Welcome on the EcoTouch You Tube Channel: Many DIY eco-friendly projects are adapted from Vintage lifestyle. You will be amazed with all revamped projects Sandra was avle to acheived. Sandra Prémont Teacher and Video Content DIY Producer


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