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Painting fabric with Colorantic | peindre du tissu avec Colorantic

Painting fabric with Colorantic

My partner needed a chair in his office to receive occasional clients. Luckily, I found this wonder; super strong, but its fault was its boring colours! So I said to my partner, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it… I had never used this technique before, but I heard so much about it that I thought to myself, “I can do it too” with the right products and some music! I’ll explain my procedure of painting fabric so you can get started too.

Fabric chair before

Products used

fabric chair after

Step 1: Prepare the wood frame

I started by sanding the wood frame, I then cleaned with the cleaner and varnish remover. Wipe well and let dry. Once it was dry I was able to start painting, I used the Summer Storm colour for the wood frame. I applied 2 coats, letting it dry for an hour between each coat.


Step 2: Cover the frame

I let it dry 48 hours before continuing, just to make sure it’s dry enough to use my masking tape around the posts near the seat and the back of the fabric chair. This step is important to keep the frame clean while I paint the fabric.


Step 3: Preparation of the mixture

Now you are ready to start the fabric stage. Prepare your mixture: about 4oz of paint (I used Nautical), 4oz of clear glaze and 4oz of water. Make sure your fabric is clear of stains and dust.



Step 4: Painting the fabric (1st coat)

Moisten your fabric properly with your spray bottle before you start to apply your colour… This will help to spread/glide the paint. Remember to go in the direction of your fabric. Apply your first coat of 1-1-1 mixture. I then let it dry for 12-24 hours.


Step 5: Painting the fabric (2nd coat)

The next day, with my Colorantic sanding block (red side), I sanded my fabric gently so that it regains its flexibility. Don’t be surprised, the fabric becomes very stiff. It is the sanding step that makes the difference. Then I prepared a second mixture. This time I took 4oz of Nautical paint, 2oz of clear glaze and 2oz of water which I mixed well. And off we go, dampen the fabric a bit and apply the second coat. This time I let it dry for 4-6 hours. It all depends on the colour of your fabric versus the new colour. You may need a third coat just like I did, or hopefully, two may be enough. It’s up to you!


Step 6: Painting the fabric (3rd coat)

So if you need a third coat like me, I made my mix with 4oz of paint and 2oz of glaze only this time. I did my sanding step and applied my third coat by lightly misting my fabric to help me apply my colour. Then I let it dry for 24-48 hours.


Step 7: The finish

The finish, the moment we apply our wax. We do a little sanding, remove all the masking tape and wipe off excess dust. With our 16 mm wax brush we apply a layer of wax everywhere. We must rub it well to spread it and soften our fabric. With your cloth, wipe down until your fabric is no longer greasy. Let it dry for a good week or more and you can clean it as if nothing had happened. You now have a great new fabric chair!

fabric chair after

Ouffff… Well there you have it, when you put your mind to something, you can do it. You have to trust yourself in life and not give in to fear. A beautiful project that takes time and patience, as it is important to let it dry well between each coat. But the result is worth the effort.

My partner was skeptical, but now he loves his fabric chair. So don’t hesitate to let yourself go and transform something you don’t like anymore instead of getting rid of it, you might be surprised!

Eve Taillefer



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