Base:  Non VOC with liquid chalk special recipe
Coverage: 8 oz: 20-30 sq ft, 16 oz: 40-60 sq ft, 32 oz (Quart): 80-120 sq ft, Gallon: 320-480 sq ft
Finish/sheen: Matte
Protection: Colorantic waxes, clear matte varnish (top coat) or clear glaze
Clean up: Use a damped cloth once in a while
Dry time: 24-48 hrs
Recoat time: 2-4 hrs
Cure time: 7 days


Colorantic™ DIY Chalk Based Paint Zen has a creamy chalky matte finish. It is non-toxic and comes with no lead content.

Colorantic chalk-based paints are eco-friendly. In fact, instead of using conventional metal cans as many paint companies do, we decided to pour our products into plastic containers with white screwable lids to add longevity to our paints’ life. In addition to being eco-friendly, our chalk-based colors have a smooth and creamy texture.

It is easy to paint furniture and home decor craft projects with Colorantic’s products! Even if you are starting your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products!

Features of Colorantic Chalk based paints: 

  • Our matte chalk-based paints have a smooth and creamy texture
  • A unique chalk-based paint recipe to provide you with the best chalk-based paint possible on the market
  • Eco-friendly – abide by rules and regulations from Health Canada
  • The bases have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • The added pigmentations for colorants have small amounts of VOC, less than 60g/L
  • Adheres to most surfaces such as wood, fabric, and mat metal, with minimal preparation (refer to the How to section/Blogs for instructions)
  • Suitable for interior and exterior projects
  • Made in Canada, North America

Find your local Colorantic Retailers to purchase our chalk-based paints, paint brushes and other DIY accessories.

Please stop by our tutorials page to learn our tips, tricks, and techniques!


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