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a wooden coffee table


How do you give your wooden furniture a makeover? In this article, I explain the steps to follow and the products I used to transform my wooden furniture. I saw a lot of potential in this coffee table and it was exactly what I was looking for. I’m happy to say she’s finally found her place with us. First, let’s take a look at the products I used.

List of products used


  1. The wooden furniture I bought had already been painted with water-based paint. Therefore, cs a first step, I cleaned the furniture with a damp cloth and a little mild soap. Then I left the furniture to dry.
  2. I then dismantled the cabinet completely and applied the Cotton Ball chalk paint.
  3. I had to give my cabinet 3 coats of chalk paint, as the paint underneath was quite a dark color. (Navy blue)
  4. Before applying the second and third coats, it is important to allow the first coat to dry. (Allow to dry between coats) Take care that Colorantic chalk paint dries within about thirty minutes. The time may vary depending on the humidity in the room or outdoors.
  5. Once my furniture was dry, I applied the clear translucent glaze as a finish. The glaze gives a slightly glossy finish, I was worried that the finish would be very glossy, but in the end it was just perfect! This completes the steps taken to finish my wooden furniture. (See below for steps to add pine slats to the top of my coffee table).

Steps (continued)

6. I went to Rona’s to buy 1”thick x 4”wide x 48”long pine laths. (This gave me a total of 7 wooden slats)

7. I then bought Minwax stain to stain the pine. I did several color tests to be able to find THE color! (Don’t forget to buy Wood conditioner and water-based polyurethane for finishing)

8. Back home I sanded the wood strips with #120 sandpaper and finished with #180 since I used an oil stain.

9. Once the sanding was complete, I applied a coat of Minwax Wood Conditioner to the wood battens to allow the stain to penetrate evenly without staining. (Allow to dry)

10. I then applied the stain with a cloth, without letting it penetrate for too long. I didn’t want my wood to be too dark. I wiped off the remaining stain with a new clean cloth. Allow to dry. The next step is to apply Polyurethane…a clear finish that will protect and embellish the wood.


    I waited twelve hours before taking the final step, which was to glue the wooden slats to the top of my table. At first, I wanted to glue it with Lepage glue and screw in a few places, but I changed my mind. I decided to glue the wood strips with Lepage glue AND PL glue. I really wanted to make sure that the slats stayed in place. I then used clamps to hold the wooden battens in place once glued. Twelve hours later, I had my new coffee table, which I love so much!

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