Whites – Tips for Chalk Based Paint

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White colours require more steps and preparation. Our goal at Colorantic is to help you achieve the look you want. This will help you avoid bad experiences.


Often, customers visiting their Colorantic retailers will want to use whites to create either a Shabby Chic or an Off White look. It’s possible but will require more steps if you have particular types of material.


Always do a test on a hidden surface with the paint and sealer, so you are able to preview the final result. Try it with: a top coat; a beeswax; or clear glaze. It is especially important to do a test with light colours, as this is a harder colour to achieve desired results.


Step 1

Some materials might require more steps if: melamine; shiny metal; they are made of dark wood species such as Mahogany or Cherry; a varnish was used on the surface (and you don’t know if it is oil or water based); Pledge has been sprayed on the surface; or the wood has been in contact with smoke.

Step 2

Clean.  You may need to prepare the surface with TSP to remove any oil-based varnish

(caution: you will need gloves as it contains chemicals). Remember that oil based paints or varnishes are never compatible with ANY water-based paint!

Step 3


Always test your surface by using the back of a door, the back of furniture, or any hidden side. That way, you will not have any surprises!

Step 4


It’s best to add either Shellac or primer (BIN or another type of oil-base). If you decide to begin without any preparation, and then notice a yellowish colour bleeding through, add Shellac or a primer that has Shellac in it. Your wood has probably been in contact with smoke, pledge or an oil based varnish. Then re-apply one coat of white paint.


Step 5

After applying Colorantic’s Top Coat, Natural Beeswax or Clear glaze first on the test part of your furniture, to verify whether your white will be compatible. Once you are sure of your result, apply a coat of your preferred protection coat.


It’s always a good idea to visit your local Colorantic retailer, as they are the experts to help you!


Thanks for using Colorantic and happy painting!


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