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Whites and Other Pale Colours

White is a classic colour that can be used to give a fresh and clean feeling. White, being so versatile, harmonizes perfectly with any colour in the room.

It is important to note that other colours can also be used as a base for your interior design, depending on your personal preferences and the mood you want to create. The important thing is to find a colour palette that works for you and reflects your personality and style.

Painting Tips

Choosing pale colours requires more steps and preparation, and our goal at Colorantic is to help you achieve the desired effect.

Often customers tell their local retailers that they want to use whites to create the “Shabby Chic” or “bleached wash” effect. This is entirely possible but you should know that it requires additional steps, especially if you have materials with particular finishes.

Doing a test on a hidden surface with the paint and the protective coat will help you visualize the final result. Also add a touch of protection, such as matte varnish, beeswax or clear glaze. It is very important to experiment with pale colours, since these are the colours with which you will have the most difficulty achieving your desired effect.

By reading the following steps, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Different Surfaces

  • Some finishes require more preparation steps, such as:
    • Melamine, metal, plastic, dark wood, furniture on which different maintenance products have been used, such as Pledge.
    • Wood that has been in contact with smoke.
    • Furniture with an oil finish (paint or varnish)
    • We also recommend applying oil primer to raw wood, this will create a barrier that will prevent the grain of the wood from rising or prevent the tannin of the wood from showing through the paint.

Step 1 – Preparation

We advise you to use Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover. Spray and leave to act for 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, it is important to rinse thoroughly twice using a cloth with hot water, this will remove all residue.

Step 2 – Primer

  • For the finishes mentioned above, we strongly suggest applying a coat of oil primer. The primer also helps transition from dark colour to light colours. This will allow you to use less paint.
    • Please note that the only primers compatible with Colorantic paint are: Colorantic oil primer, Benjamin Moore STIX or B.I.N. If you use any other brand of primer than the three mentioned above, we can not guarantee the results.
    • Remember that no oil-based paint or varnish is compatible with ANY water-based paint. It is therefore necessary to apply an oil primer to allow the transition between oil and water. This will allow you to obtain a result that will last in the long term.

Step 3 – Testing

We strongly advise you to carry out tests beforehand on a hidden surface. This way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises!

Step 4 – Finishing

  • At Colorantic, we offer three finishing products:
  • Natural beeswax (slightly satiny)
  • Matte varnish (around 10% shine)
  • Clear glaze, translucent window (around 30% gloss)

Our finishing products will not cause whites and pale colours to yellow.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above when it comes to working with whites and pale colours, we guarantee you long-term successful work.

Thank you for using Colorantic and happy painting!

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