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Chalkboard paint – Colorantic isn’t only for furniture

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Create a Chalkboard | 0 comments

Chalkboard Paint

Did you know that chalkboard painting is possible with any of our chalk-based paints? Of course, we also have our chalkboard paint by Colorantic, which is more liquid to spread better. But all of our liquid chalk-based paints can be used to make any colour chart you like!

We offer several products that allow us to make different achievements. Colorantic chalk-based paint contains a real chalk base, unlike many competitors who add lime and clay. We make our own recipe and our base contains real chalk powder. Colorantic is unique!

peinture à tableau Colorantic

To paint your wall, an old mirror or a wooden plaque, you will need to paint three coats on the desired surface. Sanding between coats of paint allows the surface to have a smooth finish. When you have finished your three layers, pass a stick of chalk widthwise. This way our chalk base that is in the paint will merge with the chalk stick. Then erase with a dry cloth. Now you can write on your new handcrafted board!


Happy painting!

Photo by Colorantic merchant Nothing is lost from Quebec, QC.

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Logo de Colorantic peinture vintage

Colorantic Experts

The team of expert designers and writers of Colorantic informs you on all the tips and techniques to properly paint your furniture with chalk based paint and other DIY decorative items.


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