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Blackboard Paint

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Chalkboard paint revolutionized the art world, making every surface an inviting canvas. It takes us back to school memories, where the smell of chalk was always fresh. Do you remember the teachers, chalk dust on their hands, but also on their faces, hair and clothes, as if they were coming back from an epic war of words.

When your children are young, you can paint the walls of their bedroom or playroom with chalkboard paint to give free rein to their artistic talent. You can also use the surface of a refrigerator to leave notes or to write down lists of things to do or buy, without using a piece of paper!

peinture à tableau Colorantic

Colorantic Chalkboard Paint

Did you know you can create a chalkboard with any Colorantic chalk paint colour? You can therefore create a magnificent colourful painting according to your tastes. Of course, we also have our chalkboard paint which is more liquid than our conventional chalk-based paint.

At Colorantic, we offer a wide range of products that allow you to create different projects. We make our chalk-based paint which contains a real liquid chalk base, unlike our competitors who use limestone or clay.


  1. Before painting, it is very important to clean the surface very well with TSP to remove all traces of grease. It is very important to rinse well before continuing.
  2. To paint a wall, an old mirror or a wooden plaque, you will need to apply three coats to the desired surface.
  3. Sanding between coats of paint allows the surface to have a smooth finish.
  4. When you have finished applying the three coats, pass a stick of chalk widthwise. This way our chalk base that is already in the paint merges with the chalk stick.
  5. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

Now you can write on your new handcrafted board!

Painting and drawing also contribute to the development of the mind. Indeed, by expressing our emotions through these activities, we are able to better understand and better control what we feel.

Drawing and colouring develop your little one’s fine motor skills as well as their attention and reasoning skills. The greatest benefit of drawing over coloring is that it allows your child to fully express their creativity.

When we draw, dopamine is released in our brain. This dopamine is involved in the reward process. It places us in a state of well-being and joy. It is this simple act of creating through drawing that triggers this pleasure.

Inexpensive, the paint is one of the cheapest finishes on the market! Easily applicable, the paint does not involve gluing or joints. If your renovation budget is limited, painting means you can skip hiring a professional!

Don’t hesitate to have fun creating paintings!

Take inspiration from the group Trucs et déco en tout genre

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