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Julie from La Fleur Rustique was kind enough to describe the stages in the restoration of a wooden buffet. First of all, before we start, here are a few words from Julie: “My clients asked me to transform an old, old-fashioned kitchen set they found, to be to their liking. They wanted me to put it back. on natural wood the kitchen table as well as the sideboard. So here is the sideboard which was stripped and sanded to be then varnished. I also installed new handles, and painted the original hinges.”


  1. First, remove all hinges and handles from your furniture, if applicable.
  2. Second, clean the furniture thoroughly using Colorantic Varnish Cleaner and Makeup Remover, if your furniture has been varnished before. However, if this is not the case, all you have to do is clean your furniture with a TSP type product.
  3. Subsequently, for a better finish, La Fleur Rustique sanded the sideboard on all sides.
  4. Then apply a coat of Colorantic mat varnish all over the furniture.


Steps (continued)


5. Fifth, on top of the sideboard, apply two more coats of mast varnish. For maximum results, wait a minimum of 30 minutes before applying an additional coat. If necessary, wait until the varnish is completely dry before continuing. This will give you better results.

6. While the varnish is drying, you can paint the hinges and handles of your furniture. Here, La Fleur Rustique has kept the same hinges. She just painted them.

7. Next, when your handles and furniture are dry, install the handles and hinges.


Here is! By following the steps above, you will have a piece of furniture worthy of La Fleur Rustique. Sometimes, instead of giving away a piece of furniture that we no longer want, we just need to bring it back to its natural essence!

Admit it is magnificent!


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