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Recreate a night stand table

We all have furniture that is outdated or lying around somewhere in the house that we don’t want to get rid of but that doesn’t work anywhere in our house. So why not transform it and turn it into a work of art and showcase the piece in question. In this blog, I’ll guide you through the steps on how to create a Mediterranean look for a night stand table.

Steps to follow ! 

1st step:

Firstly, you need to correct the defects of the furniture before starting any project.
To serve the purpose, we will remove the handles. Then fill the holes if we use different handles. If any of the parts is damaged, you can always re-glue them.
When your furniture is well repaired, then you have to start thinking about using a good remover. You must remove the accumulation of grease, varnish, or wax from the last few years. In this case, I used Colorantic’s TSP ( remover and cleanser) and let it act for at least 30 minutes. Then I used a bucket of water and a rag and rinsed all my furniture.

2nd step:

To make sure I had a better grip, I sanded the entire furniture. This step allows a better adhesion especially if your furniture is in melanin as in this case. Once all the dust was removed, I then used an oil primer from Colorantic. After that, I started with a brush and finished with a roller on the flat surfaces. I put on two coats of primer. Lastly, I used the oil primer and not the water one because in my case the furniture is made of melanin so it is better to use this one. Between each coat, I’d suggest passing a light sanding.

3rd step:

Apply with a roller and a brush two coats of Blue Moon paint to the top of the cabinet, the sides, and the front edge of the cabinet. It is important to let the paint dry between coats for best results. Paint the drawer. To achieve the layered effect, start with a dark color like a blue moon. Then mix the color with white, a little water, and glaze (optional). Let dry and apply a few brush strokes with white paint and wipe off. Sand and clean. Finish with a complementary color like Siren which we have mixed also with white, water, and glaze. Choose colors in the same tones or complementary colors like us for example, in shades of blue.

4th step:

For the interior and sides of the drawers, I used wallpaper. The technique is quite simple since it is a self-adhesive wallpaper so you only need to cut the desired size. For the stencil, you only need to use sticky paper to hold it in place. Now paint as desired. Use a brush or stamp only by tapping so as not to cause overflow and voila.

5th step:

For the finish, apply the paint to the edges of the furniture with the metallic jewel-colored paint and put it on the decorative handle Here’s another drab to a fabulous project- The Mediterranean look for a night stand table!
All thanks to Nathalie Pruneau from www.Decorermaison.ca who saw the potential of it. Last but not the least, Nancy Hinds facebook.com/Chiccittadeco knew how to bring what she had in mind to life!

You can also watch the full video of this guide.

The link to the video is here

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