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Dresser Restoration Using Chalk Based Paint

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Dressers and Desks, Side Furniture, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments

Restoration of a dresser

The 2020 pandemic permitted me to discover a new passion: restoring furniture and repainting it with chalk based paint! I have been a high school teacher for 26 years. I love my career, but I also love restoring furniture and this is where Plan B Atelier was born. In this project, I decided to restore a dresser using Colorantic chalk based paint and products.

dresser before

Products Used

dresser after

Step 1 – Preparing the Dresser

Start by removing the hardware (handles and knobs) on the dresser.  Clean the dresser by taking a clean cotton cloth and your  spray bottle of Varnish Remover and Cleaner, let it work for a few minutes then wipe off your piece to make sure there is no residue remaining. Next, you will want to lightly sand all over to remove any imperfections and to help the paint adhere to the surface.

In our case, we cleaned and wiped down the surface a second time after sanding to ensure that there is no residue left when we are ready to apply our paint.

Step 2 – Applying Colorantic Chalk Based Paint

I started by applying a coat of the colour Sweet Truffle on the top surface of the furniture with a round brush. The paint covers well and using a round or oval paintbrush helps with the coverage of large surfaces by retaining more paint in the brush during application. I tested several companies of chalk based paint and that of Colorantic is, by far, the one that offers the best coverage and a very short drying time (20 minutes is enough).

Then I dipped my brush in the paint and sprayed my brush two or three times with water.

I continued with the colour Roasted Marshmallow on the rest of the furniture, still using the spray bottle to thin the paint. The paint by Colorantic is of such good quality that only two coats are required for full coverage. (Keep in mind that paint in the white hues will typically always require minimum 3 coats or more if applied to a dark surface)

Step 3 – Finishing Dresser

Once both coats are completely dry, I sanded the surface lightly to give it a smooth finish. I sanded all over but focused more on the corners to give my furniture an older antique look.

Then I wiped the residue off (from sanding) with a rag and applied a coat of matte varnish topcoat with an angle brush. An angled brush will help you get into all the raised grooves and trim. Once again, I loved how easy this applied. It does dry quicker than the paint however, so you will want to work a little quicker with the topcoat.

Do not hesitate to try Colorantics chalk based paint, it is really easy to use!

Myriam Provost

Plan B Studio (L’atelier le plan B)


Myriam Provost une passionnée de Colorantic

Myriam Provost - Plan B Atelier

Furniture makeover workshop with chalk paint, a therapy that helps me fight my eating disorder! It keeps me busy and helps me not to skim!


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