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Upgrade your bathroom vanity inexpensively

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Dressers and Desks, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Side Furniture | 0 comments

Upgrading bathroom vanity

The vanity is normally considered the centerpiece of your bathroom. This is the first piece of furniture we see when entering this room, So a faded and outdated aspect of your vanity can remove a lot of charm from this important space in our daily life. Rather than replace it and invest an exuberant amount of money on a new piece of furniture, I offer you an easy-to-do tutorial to showcase this room.

bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity

Step 1 – Surface preparation

If it has been varnished before, clean the vanity with Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover and let it react for about 10 minutes, then rinse if off, then sand down the surface, if not, you can spray the surface and wipe it down right after.


Step 2 – Applying the colour

Apply two to three coats of Emerald paint to the base of the cabinet. Let dry between coats. Next, apply one to two coats of brown chocolate cake glaze on top of your cabinet. Let dry between coats.


Step 3 – Finishing the handles and faucet

Apply a coat of primer on the handles and the faucet. Next, apply a coat of Metallic Jewel Paint to the handles and faucets.


Step 4 – Stencil

Make a small amount of Cotton Ball and Emerald paint mixture (approximately 1: 2) to lighten the Emerald colour and create a contrast between the furniture and the stencil pattern.

Use the stencil of your choice to apply a pattern to the doors or drawers according to your style and according to the shape of your furniture.


Step 5 – Furniture protection

Apply two coats of varnish to the entire cabinet including the handles and faucet to ensure optimal protection against water. Allow for a 24 drying hour period between coats of varnish.

bathroom vanity

With these easy-to-perform steps requiring no tool manipulation, you’ll be able to add an inspiring impact to your room. Not only is this project inexpensive, but it’s also your own and it will garner admiring comments from your guests more than any vanity from the store could.

Karina McSween

La petite bricoleuse

revalorisation de meubles avec Karina Mc Sween

Karina McSween-La Petite Bricoleuse

A nurse by trade, I fell in love with furniture upgrading. As I go through a more difficult time in this profession and thus my life. I quickly fell under the influence of my brushes and paint and so I created La Petite Bricoleuse. Since then, I have been perfecting my art and testing various techniques.


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