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How to paint wood spools into patio side tables

Paint old wood spools into side tables for your patio!

Back in June, Anaïs Favron received a box containing our Colorantic products. Indeed, we were curious to see what kind of project Anaïs was going to do with our beautiful colours Kiwi and Emerald and our brown chocolate cake glaze!
Anaïs revealed the result of her DIY!  Amazing! she turned two industrial reels/spools into two side tables for her outdoor patio!

Isn’t that a wonderful idea? 

In addition, Anaïs described the steps she took for this transformation! We have therefore transcribed them for you below:

Products used:


  •  First, sand the wood spools
  • Then put on tape to define the colours and the glaze. On the other hand, if you only have one colour, jump directly to point 3
  • This is the time to apply the paint in the colour of your choice. Regarding Colorantic paint, we remind you that it dries in just 30 minutes. (Two colours for me because, hey, I said I got a gift and I love the colours!)
  • Fourth, try the glaze (I didn’t know about it. It’s sick, look for yourselves !!)
  • Finally, for optimal protection, we advise you to apply the matte varnish.

 Wait until the next day to varnish them and thus show the final final result !!! 


And here it is! I am quite happy with the result and obsessed with the colours!  Colorantic Kiwi and Emerald ❤️

A good coat of varnish and you’re done! I chose to leave the natural wood under the tape of the big spool and I added some wheels underneath!


As for Anaïs original publications, they can be found on her Facebook page.

You will be able to click on the links below to access it.

Arrival of Colorantic Products – June 5, 2020 

Painting Steps –  June 7, 2020

Final Result – June 8, 2020


 In short, thank you very much to Anaïs Favron for all her sponsored publications on Colorantic products.

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