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Paint an Accent Wall with Colorantic Chalk Paint


How to paint an accent wall with Colorantic chalk paint. Choosing the right accent wall is often the biggest challenge.

An accent wall is often used to highlight a room’s focal point, such as a built-in bookcase, fireplace or painting. You can also use an accent wall to easily enhance the space of an apartment.. The following reasons may also influence the choice of wall:

  • Add dimension to a room with few architectural details.
  • Divide an open-plan space, a bright room or a room with high ceilings.
  • Create a special atmosphere, since the color of a space has an impact on the way you feel.

Accent colors are designed to draw attention and create visual interest in a space.

Choose a wall with a specific purpose, and you’ll see it immediately. For a room with dark walls, consider a lighter accent wall. If the walls are light, consider a bright dark colour.

Is it possible to paint an accent wall with Colorantic Chalk Paint products?

In fact, Youtube artist Caro Marchand has shown us that it’s indeed possible to paint an accent wall with Colorantic. Although our chalk-based paint is designed to enhance furniture and other objects, it can be applied to any surface.

So, in early June, Caro Marchand put herself to the test by painting an accent wall in her bedroom. The result is spectacular! The color chosen for this project is Rose des Sables. As well as giving a superb result, it took him half the time of conventional water-based paints, because our paints dry in thirty minutes.

Here are the products used in her vlog:


Please note that to use Colorantic chalk-based paint on walls, you need to use a mixture of:

  • 1/4 clear glaze Translucent window for 3/4 paint. Since the glaze softens the paint, the surface will be more washable, especially on a wall.

We’ve also included a summary video of Caro Marchand and her project below.



Caro Marchand’s YouTube video

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