Reacently, we were offered a chandelier. It had been collecting dust in the attic, and we thought we would find it a place of its own. This is what I did: I installed it above my freshly furnished dining room, but something annoyed me every time I looked at it. It was too heavy in our decor. So I thought I would lighten it up with a restoration.


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I first removed the 5 glass shades and proceeded to clean it with the cleaner & varnish remover. I left it on and rinsed 3 times until the soap was completely removed.

Once cleaned and dried, I gave a coat of Colorantic oil primer, to ensure good adhesion of the paint to the surface. Primer is important, especially when working on an usual surface.


Using the oval paint brush, I applied a single coat of Cotton Ball paint. I really liked the effect of seeing the original colour come through some spots, which already gave it the rustic look I was looking for. In order to perfectly match the look of my dining room, I accentuated the old-fashioned effect by sanding in a few places at random.


Using a dry cloth, I removed the dust caused by the sanding, so that it was quite clean before applying the final touch. Throughout the upgrading, the chandelier was suspended, in order to have 360-degree access to it. To conclude this nice transformation, I wanted to protect it without contact, to avoid drips and above all, not to forget little nooks and crannies I used a spray laquer .


So here is a chandelier which, in a few simple steps, has taken on a new look and has taken the place of what it was intended for it!

Lisa-Marie Pouliot

Bois de Lilas



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Lisa-Marie prend la pose devant son mur recyclage

Lisa-Marie Pouliot

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