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Farmhouse Style Frames | farmhouse style frames


Some days I just want it to be quick. I’m the kind of person who would want anything for yesterday! So here’s a little project for a day.

Because I had beautiful wooden frames and a mirror. I loved them, but they were really too dark. And I needed it to be brighter. What’s more, I’ve been wanting farmhouse-style framing for a long time!


First, I removed my mirror and the old canvas from their frames and cleaned them well with the varnish cleaner and make-up remover, followed by a light sanding. Then I rinsed well and left to dry.

Then I started by applying a thin coat of Vintage Cream with my 35mm brush and let it dry for about 1 hour.

Next, I applied my Metallic Jewel color in the cracks with my artist’s brush, purposely spilling over in a few places. And I wiped off the excess.

And to create an antique effect, I applied a small layer of natural beeswax all over without paying attention, because I wanted the paint to be easier to remove during my final sanding! So I apply a second coat of Vintage Cream and leave it to dry for an hour.

Then I finalize the anti-coating by sanding all over, insisting on the desired spots. Thanks to the layer of wax applied earlier, it’s super easy!

Then I apply another coat of natural beeswax to protect the surface.


Finally I put my mirror back in place and added chicken wire for my large picture frame. And so I was able to hang photos and other decorations according to my whims.

In short, easy, fast and efficient. And I love it!

Eve Taillefer



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