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Preparing furniture with old varnish

Furniture with an old oil-based varnish

What’s important to remember is that removing the sheen from old oil-based varnishes is necessary, as the oil in the old varnishes turns yellow. This type of finish is not compatible with ANY waterborne paint on the Canadian market. That’s the rule of thumb for our 100% Canadian chemists at Colorantic.

Our Colorantic paint is water-based. The life of your furniture will be short if the gloss is not removed, even if many other companies say otherwise.
We want to help you achieve a longer life for your furniture so you don’t have to start all over again in a year’s time.
To do this, use a TSP to remove the luster, then rinse with a damp, soapy cloth before applying the paint. This will save you the trouble of sanding if you don’t want to do that. The main idea is to remove the shine from any varnished furniture. It’s quick and easy!

Our nail polish remover cleanser is perfect for this step, sold in a spray bottle. Nothing could have been easier! Simply spray, leave to work, rinse and sand!

If you’re not sure what was used on the furniture, opt for an oil primer before applying your Colorantic chalk paint.

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