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Finalist for the Innovative Product Award 2017 – Colorantic

Product: Colorantic chalk paint

Colorantic Vintage Paint – Peinture received prestigious recognition from the AQMAT (Association des quincailleries du Québec).

A finalist in the TOP 10 New Innovator Products 2017, this company with products manufactured in Quebec and Ontario takes the honors for the only paint product to earn this prestigious title since 1992, according to Charles Thomassin, AQMAT Marketing Director

The closed-door vote was decided by five (5) executives from Canada’s major hardware chains.


Colorantic AQMAT

The finalists are, according to the report sent to the media by AQMAT:


    Professional sandblaster (Vac Pole Pro)
  • BBQ Quebec

    All-in-1 Package

    Habito gypsum wallboard
  • CGC

    CGC Sheetrock Total joint compound

    Chalk paint

    Yagrip panel holder

    Coping drains

    Garden blocks

    SnowPeeler roofing shovel

    Flexible corrugated drain with smooth interior SoliFlex

Source: Pierre Perreault, Director of Communications, AQMAT

AQMAT Innovation2017_Communique EN

What exactly is chalk paint?


Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive way to give your furniture and other objects a second life? Then chalk paint is the perfect solution for you! It has the ability to transform your ordinary objects into spectacular ones.

Known as “chalk paint”, this type of paint was first invented in Europe. Chalk paint is better known in English than in French.

Colorantic is the only manufacturer of chalk paint in North America, located in Victoriaville, Quebec. Colorantic is a manufacturer/distributor of chalk paints, waxes, varnishes, paint flakes, glazes, decorative handles, brushes, stencils and more.

Exclusively at Colorantic, our advertising, blogs and customer service are bilingual. Our paint is perfect for those who are passionate about upgrading and want to give their interior and/or exterior decorations a unique look. Over the past few years, the passion for revamping furniture and other objects has grown, and more and more people are choosing Colorantic..

Colorantic’s strong growth s strong growth is mainly due to its unique, top-of-the-range products and very short delivery times, not to mention its excellent after-sales service.

Here are some good reasons to choose Colorantic

  • The only Canadian company to use real liquid chalk.
  • Paint and waxes contain no VOCs in their bases. Natural beeswax is approved and rated “Food Grade” by Health Canada chemists.
  • The colors of the chalk paint are vibrant and deep. These, each as pretty as the next, charm makeover enthusiasts.
  • With the environment at heart, Colorantic has opted for reusable plastic pots and lids instead of metal containers. Using these jars, the paint will keep for up to three years.
  • Colorantic is the only chalk paint company to offer its customers chalk bases in 8 oz, quart (32 oz) and gallon (128 oz) sizes, which can be colored with the color codes of popular paint manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Sico, MF, Bétonel, Behr and many others.
  • Colorantic chalk paint is creamy and quick-drying.
  • Colorantic chalk paint adheres to all surfaces and requires little preparation.
  • Colorantic chalk paint meets Health Canada standards.

At Colorantic, we take customer satisfaction to heart.

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