A Piece of Resistance from our blogger @LaBelleCommodeee!


Bénédicte, an influencer at Colorantic since 2019 is passionate about restoring things. We are spoiled to have her as part of our marketing team to inspire you with your own projects.
Bénédicte explains to us in this blog , the complete transformation of her two dressers. 👇👇👇

Preparing your surface

  • First step is to remove the handles from the cabinet.
  • Then, I put wood filler in the holes of the handles so as not to leave any marks because I will putting on new handles.
  • Clean the two pieces of furniture with Colorantic Cleaner  and Varnish Remover, I sprayed the pieces of furniture and let the product work for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse several times with a clean rag to remove all dirt and any remaining cleaning product.
  • Then I let it dry. Using my sanding block I lightly sanded all over my piece of furniture to improve the adhesion of the paint.



  • I started with the colour Kiwi.
  • Apply the colour horizontally to let the original color show through.
  • The cabinet was originally painted grey. This could work just as well with furniture painted in another colour or made of natural wood.
  • Allow time to dry, the Colorantic paint dries in less than 30 minutes.
    • Now is the time to apply the second colour.

Painting the Second Colour


  • Then I applied the colour Sunflower. I used the same technique: I pained horizontally in a thin layer.
  • Then you apply water here and there with the help of your brush.
  •  Randomly mixing the colour Kiwi and the colour Sunflower.

Applying the third colour


  • I repeated the same steps as the one mentioned above with the second color.





  • First of all, the finishing step is very important especially when we were using wax because we can really give amazing effects using Colorantic wax.
  • I applied my Natural Bee Wax all over both pieces of furniture. I covered all the surfaces using the 16mm brush.
  • Once you have done your section (because I like to work by section) wax the edges with another 16 mm brush but this time with the Antique Brown Wax to create the desired effect.
  • I suggest using your other wax brush to make circles to better blend the antique brown wax and the natural wax.
  • Leave it to dry. A word of advice, the wax takes several days to harden.

The End Product

There you have it, you have a unique piece of furniture that will turn heads.

Do not hesitate to dare and try other colors. The colour palette at Colorantic is full of bright and rich colours. You can also have your colours custom made. To see more of my projects click the link bellow.👇👇👇




Bénédicte de @laBellecommodeee





Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

Benedicte Girard

Bénédicte, an influencer at Colorantic since 2019 is passionate about restoring things. We are spoiled to have her as part of our marketing team to inspire you with your own projects. You can follow her at


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