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Give your kitchen cabinets a makeover with our chalk-based paint!

 We all know that redoing a home’s kitchen can be expensive. However, Colorantic has an inexpensive solution to revamp your kitchen. Why not repaint your cabinet doors? It is simple and easy to do. Indeed, the transformation of kitchen cabinet doors is common. With our vast choice of colours, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to giving a fresh look to your kitchen, at a lower cost.

A brand-new look with colours that stand out!


  • First, wash the cabinets well with Colorantic cleaner/varnish remover. Clean well so that no residue is left behind. Then let it completely dry.
  • Second, sand the surfaces, especially if it is melamine. Colorantic chalk-based paint adheres better to surfaces when lightly sanded.
  • Prepare your paint mix: Add 16 oz of Clear Translucent Window Glaze per Gallon of paint. This mixture gives the paint a smoother finish, making it easier to clean kitchen cabinets.
  • Afterwards, apply a coat of primer on your cabinet doors. However, wait until it is dry before painting. Sometimes it can take up to two days, depending on the primer used.
  • Next, apply the Colorantic Ballerina colour with our oval brush, as this gives better results than a foam roller. Note that our chalk base paint dries in thirty minutes. Two coats of Ballerina paint will be required.
  • It takes two hours for the last coat of paint to dry. After which you can add the clear translucent window glaze to your cabinets. For a grayer effect, add a few drops of Tractor Dust paint to your mixture. In this case, the Snow White brush from our collection is perfect for this step.
  • As we underline, it is necessary to wait a minimum of 24 hours to put the second coat of glaze. At this stage, take only the clear translucent window glaze without the Tractor Dust paint. Note that a regular Colorantic brush will be used for this step.
  • Finally, as soon as your cabinets are dry, put them back in place.
  • To conclude, sit down and admire the result ! 🙂


While painting kitchen cabinets can take time, the result is spectacular to say the least. Depending on the number of cabinets to be repainted, this is a project of about 50 hours. In addition, by choosing Colorantic products, not only are you encouraging a Canadian company, but you will have a unique kitchen, with character and above all done by you in your image.  Especially money you will save money by doing it yourself. We like that!

Have a good transformation!


Translated by Melissa Hayward

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