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My New Coffee Bar

In recent years, the “coffee bar” has become a huge trend, and many people want to have their own. We see them in all shapes and sizes, each as unique as the last. For a long time, I had been looking for an affordable piece of furniture that would enable me to create a “Coffee Bar” that would undoubtedly appeal to my customers. Having already come up with an idea for the transformation, it was when I saw this TV stand in the classified ads, just a stone’s throw from my home, that I knew I’d found the rare gem I needed for this project.

When Colorantic released its new colour, Zen, I fell in love with this gorgeous shade. When I saw the furniture, I knew immediately that this new colour, which is a favorite of mine, would suit it perfectly.

If you would like to own your own coffee bar, let my project inspire you!

front cabinet


This huge piece of melamine furniture was really heavy. As I wanted the new design to reveal the interior, I removed the two large doors at the top.

Once the doors had been removed, I prepared all the surfaces, which in my opinion is the most time-consuming and laborious step, but undoubtedly the most important for a lasting job.

I removed the bottom of the cabinet and all the hardware. Then, I cleaned all the surfaces and handles with Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover. I sprayed the cleaner on all the surfaces and left it on for thirty minutes. Once the resting time was over, I wiped the surfaces twice with a warm cloth to make sure all residue was removed.

Using the sanding block, I sanded all the surfaces to allow the paint to adhere properly. I made sure to dust it off before continuing my work.

Since the cabinet was made of melamine, I applied a coat of Colorantic Oil-Based Primer to ensure that the paint would adhere well.


Using the foam roller, I applied three coats of the colour Zen, and for smaller areas I used the synthetic oval brush #6. I thought it was important to paint the top as well, because I didn’t know in which house it would end up. I also applied two coats of Cotton Ball, on the sides of the drawers and on the inside surfaces of the cabinet.

During the drying time, I was able to carry out the following steps:

– Paint the handles black with spray paint

– Measuring and trimming wood slats salvaged from an old bedroom

– Measuring and trimming wallpaper

– Glue and nail the side panels.

For the bottom slats, I applied a coat of oil primer and two coats of cotton ball. I installed them vertically, taking care to glue them together and adding two finishing nails at the ends.


To personalize my “Coffee Bar”, I applied white wallpaper with a touch of black to match the black accessories and handles. To apply the wallpaper, I first applied Mod Podge to the surfaces using the Colorantic’s Snow White Brush, and also applied Mod Podge to the reverse side of the wallpaper. A cloth and spatula were needed to remove air bubbles.

I also took care to drill holes to let the light and coffee-maker wires pass through, making the whole thing visually pleasing.

Now you’ve reached the most exciting stage: placing the accessories, installing the lighting and letting your imagination run wild to make your coffee bar your own!

Here’s a video summary of the project. Feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel and like the video!

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