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Find Your Inner Artist

I have to confess, I have never felt like an accomplished artist, and yet I should!

Perhaps it’s because I believe that to achieve this title, one must have completed a master’s degree in art or an innate gift for drawing and painting. You know, a bit like my father, who paints a canvas identical to a photograph. Anyway, I am not in that category. However, I realized while painting these two coffee tables that I am an artist too, and I had to say it loud and clear to convince myself. And at that very moment, I realized that many people were probably like me and didn’t dare take on the task of transforming an old piece of furniture that had been in the family for generations, clearly no longer up to date. Yes it’s true, many dream of saying:

“I’ve redecorated myself! I even refurbished my chest of drawers”, but the fear of failing or not being up to snuff prevents most people from taking on such a challenge.

Or maybe you’d like to revamp furniture, but you don’t trust yourself. Well, that’s why I want to tell you about these two coffee tables.

Écoute l'artiste qui sommeil en toi produits - Products

The Artist in Us!

I looked at them for a long time, wondering about their unique style and the place in which they would fit because revaluing a piece of furniture without knowing who is going to buy it, is a bit of a hassle. In short, I came up with a very daring style using blue, gold and frosted glass instead of clear glass. Yes, I know! It may sound strange, but it was appealing in my artist’s mind!

My Journey as an Artist

In short, when I started the project, which was very simple, I fell in love with the effect of the oil-based primer applied with a brush on the color of the dark wood. So I thought, I’ll create a “beach wood” effect, bleached by water and sun. I immediately embarked on this idea and changed my plans, as I had just discovered the personality of these two tables.

What I’m trying to say is that, as an artist, you have to let your imagination run wild. We have to listen to our “feeling”, not be afraid of making mistakes and starting over. Most of the time I learn from my mistakes and discover something new like a technique or an unexpected inspiration, so you just have to go for it and trust yourself. The paint can be wiped off, or you can leave it to dry, sand and start again.

I have customers whose heads are full of ideas, but who don’t dare repaint a piece of furniture for fear of making a mistake! I want to help you achieve what you want by informing you how! I am no more of an artist than you are. What’s more, I only do what makes me happy, which is to give free rein to my creativity by putting a lot of love into this high-energy hobby. I’m convinced that you also have potential and that you can challenge yourself!

The Painting

Here is my special process for the upcycling of these tables.

Unable to leave the effect of the primer on the wood, I applied a coat of the beautiful deep grey, Acai Berry, using the purple brush #6 to create texture and finished with a coat of the beautiful natural white, Cotton Ball, also using the purple brush #6. I played with my brush as if I were staining the wood, erasing the paint in some places, adding more in others and giving the whole thing a very aged look.

I applied a single coat of each colour, sanding lightly between coats. To finish, I sanded using #200 paper, to soften the texture to the touch. I chose varnish for the finish.

The Finishing Touch

Getting from my initial idea to the end of my project might be a trade secret, but between you and me, I can tell you…

Earlier, I was talking about trial and error, and that’s what happened. I wanted to frost the glass with a product specially designed for this purpose, but in my opinion it is not ideal for tables, as the adhesion is not excellent. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the result, so I tried painting the glass white, but as they say, I failed by using the wrong tool. I finished this job with lots of water and a scraper to remove everything I had just applied. In short, as I said, everything fades away only to begin again. The glass is as good as new. That’s part of the risk, but I’ve learned how to use the products and materials.

Despite the pain I caused myself, I really like the end result, which is both simple and versatile!

On that note, I wish you many projects and lots of fun!

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