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How to paint a student desk just in time for back to school!

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Dressers and Desks | 0 comments

How to paint a Vintage Student Desk with Colorantic

Let’s paint a student desk! No doubt you are like me, nostalgic about when it came time to go back to school, the backpack full of books and the head full of dreams!

To refresh these memorable moments of our lives, let’s paint a vintage student desk with Colorantic products. You will be charmed by its playful and colourful look, incredibly simple to create when you have the right products.

Now grab your brushes and let’s live again these happy moments !!!



Step 1:

First, as in any painting project, it is important to prepare the surface of your furniture. This could be as simple as just wiping it down. In this case, since the old varnish used on this piece of furniture was water-based, I was able to carry out a simple sanding and a quick cleaning with the Colorantic Cleaner & varnish remover.

Step 2:

Then, thanks to chalk based paint, I went directly to the stage of painting. I used Apple Orchard for the top of the desk and then Clothesline for the furniture legs. The inside of the lid, meanwhile, was painted with the colour Night paint to make the blackboard effect. Because yes! It’s quite possible to make a functional chalkboard with Colorantic chalk based paint! I will be happy to explain this technique in more detail in one of my next articles.

Step 3:

After applying two layers of the colours mentioned above (apple orchard, clothesline and night), I continued my quest for the perfect little desk with the Glaze in White cloud and Chocolate Cake. With a soft and clean cloth I made an aged effect on the legs and on the edges of the furniture following the direction of the wood. This technique had the effect of adding a few years to this desk that seemed too flashy for my taste.

Step 4:

For the fourth stage, after letting the whole desk dry for a few hours, I decided to add a little craziness to the set by making a dotted pattern on the lid and sides. To make this pattern, I used the colour Cotton Ball that I apply with a simple cork. Again I advise you to apply two coats of this white paint for a brighter finish.

Step 5:

A few hours of drying later and here we are at our final stage, the Matte Topcoat! For maximum strength, varnish seems appropriate for this project since, restored in this way, many small hands can still tinker on this school desk. Maximum strength = 3 layers!

I can already hear you saying ”yes, but what good was the stick of white chalk used in the materials list?” It is used to activate your blackboard on the piece of furniture. How to do this? It’s simple, all you have to do is lightly pass the chalk across the entire surface of the board and then gently wipe it with a clean cloth. This chalk dust will blend in with the already existing chalk in the Colorantic paint and you will be able to write on your new surface without any problem!


And there you go! You are now ready to go back to school or, at least, ready to remember all the beautiful memories and experiences that you have experienced! I hope with all my heart that this project will have made you smile and dream because it is often the case when I use this chalk based paint for my projects, the colours are so inspiring!


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