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Hall table

How to Paint a Hall Table?

My Mum has an old, dark hall table that sits against a yellow wall. She’s asked me to lighten up. The problem is that my Mum is pretty conservative in her decor and she likes to be on trend, but not trendy.


Here are the steps to paint any hall table. 


It’s always important to clean your piece, to ensure any grease, grime and dirt are gone. Then, you can take a good look at your piece. What minor repairs need to be done? In this case, I just needed to fill some small holes on the top.

    Let the fun begin

    I lightly sanded the whole piece. Since it’s not solid wood and I’m not worried about bleeding through so I’m not going to prime it.

    I’m going to use Cottonball over the entire table. I’m using extremely thin coats so I had to do five coats as it’s a dark table.

    Moreover, I also used my mister bottle to help move the paint to help with that smooth finish. I gave it light sand in between coats.

    Next, I’m doing a harlequin design on the back and two sides using the colour Ballerina. I’m adding a thin line around the edge, in a lovely shade called Lavender.

    Finishing Touches

    The drawers are getting a makeover with a coat of Lavender on the inside and the same harlequin design as on the sides. Now for the transfer…. I found a gorgeous transfer to use. I’m using it on the front and top, with some on the sides.

    Now, two coats of topcoat over the entire piece, and a third coat for the top. Finally, I just need to add the hardware.

    In Conclusion

    The creative process of painting furniture can take you on an unexpected journey. Even muted colours can add a simple sophistication to your item.

    If you do have any issues or questions, call Colorantic. They are definitely very knowledgeable and helpful.

    If your vision isn’t coming to life, just start over, it’s only paint.


    For more ideas on how to antique furniture, feel free to join the following group:

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