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Boho” style for a child’s bedroom!

In November 2018, Colorantic appeared in the magazine,

Je décore


I decorate, is a 100% Quebecois decorating and renovation magazine. Get inspired by the latest trends in interior design. Colorantic is honored to have collaborated with,
Je décore,
to enhance a child’s bedroom in the “Boho” style.

A touch hippy, a touch nomadic, boho decor transports us to a world halfway between ethnic and vintage styles. The “Boho” or bohemian style has been very popular in recent years. The word “Boho” comes from English and is used as a diminutive of the word “bohemian”. This relaxed, friendly decorating style is warm and reminiscent of travel and freedom. This decorating style allows you to mix pieces from different eras and cultures, creating a personalized eclecticism. A bohemian décor tells a story, that of its occupants, through the objects chosen and accumulated over time. It’s a joyful mix of oriental textures and patterns that blend perfectly to create a comforting, fashionable decor. Isn’t it exciting to decorate your child’s bedroom? It’s important to think about what kind of furniture you’re going to have, and how much you’re going to spend, and if you’re thinking of recovering/repurposing furniture, you’ll need to find out which products to use.


I’d like to inform you that if your choice is to recover, enhance and encourage local products, then you’ve come to the right place. Colorantic is the only chalk paint and recycling company in Quebec. We are located in Victoriaville.

Reclaiming becomes an even greater responsibility when we are parents, and we want to take greater care of the Earth of the future that we leave to our children. Last-century furniture is the best idea you can’t get to make the gesture of reclaiming rather than consuming. In any case, old furniture is so much stronger and more durable.

Revalorizing is the ideal way to add a unique touch to furniture to make it perfect for your child’s bedroom. But before taking action, we need to think about which products we should use to paint antique furniture. It’s important to remember that your child will be sleeping in a space that requires clean air. Sometimes products give off VOCS harmful to health. Colorantic paint is water-based and contains no toxic products. It has proven durability and will not flake during use.

So reusing used furniture is an ideal way to add a little something unique to a room, at a small price. In the project featured in this magazine, a shimmering chest of drawers was given a makeover using the Colorantic product range.

The beautiful colors, Ocean and Ballerina, as well as the addition of glitter, Icicle Blue, were highlighted on this piece of furniture. The steps are simple, but the results are worthy of the greatest designers!

Our Colorantic chalk paint has a chalky matte finish and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our added colorants contain only trace amounts. Our chalk paint is non-toxic, lead-free and complies with Health Canada standards.

Our paint requires little or no preparation, depending on the surface of the project. A preparation product to improve adhesion is available from Colorantic and is recommended if your furniture is antique, varnished or has been in contact with smoke.

Colorantic chalk paint has high coverage and dries quickly, so you can finish a project in no time.

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