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The Era of Consumption?

I am not talking about the glass of wine that we have on Friday! I am talking about consumption of all kinds. The more rich a country is, the higher the rate of consumption by its population. Each year we produce 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal garbage. That is a lot of garbage! These numbers make me shiver, especially when I think of the future and that of our children.

The artist in you !!!

I can’t change anything in the course of the history of the planet, but I like to free myself from guilt by changing a few bad habits.

For example, redoing old furniture, not throwing anything away that is still useful for someone, creating decor with items that you find etc.

I often see household items on the side of the road that are still very clean and could still be used. Sometimes we’re too shy to give it to someone or too lazy to take it to a donation center. Be aware that there are a few tips to avoid throwing things away unnecessarily.

Play your role in the era of consumption

First, you can repaint using Colorantic paint or have it painted by someone else. You can also call some companies that offer to pick up your bulky items. Another possibility is to write “to give away” so people will be less afraid of taking the old ones by the side of the road.

A good option is social media which is a great option. There are families who have lost everything to the fire or some separate and do not have the means to buy everything that they need to set up a new household. In short, a host of possibilities are available to you.

Most of the furniture I collect was found on the side of the road.

Yes, it’s embarrassing!

I’ve been watched it more than once. Yet I bring the furniture back to life, I give it so much love that it is unrecognizable. When I find a bureau it’s like I’ve found a treasure, because a lot of times I see its potential. Even if it isn’t appealable by its old-fashioned look. This is kind of what happened with this little piece. I really liked its shape and size, I found it to be very practical.

With the help of Colorantic paint, I established the primary colour for this piece of furniture and then I imagined the flower image on the drawer. Of course, it can go out of fashion quickly, but I can always repaint … the options are endless(laughs). So here is what you will need to perform this kind of transformation.

Steps to follow:

  • One of the most important things is to have fun before anything else.
  • Clean your piece of furniture using Colorantics Cleaner and Varnish Remover and then sand your surface.
  • Apply your primer
  • Apply your paint(sand lightly between each coat)
  • And let yourself be inspired.

I used stencils that can be found in a lot of stores. But you can also use what inspires you in your home to make an abstract image.

In the case of using stencils, you need to go gently and go step by step. Your stencil can slide and your paint can bleed, you need to be patient. It’s still very easy to do. It is suggested that you practice on a piece of paper or something else before trying it on your piece of furniture. The flowers were done in two steps. The first step is the base of the flower and the second is to give it depth.

You can watch the video to get a better idea of how it works.

To finish, I sanded the corners to give it a worn look and I applied my Colorantic varnish to give it better protection.

Finished product!!!

It may be seen that it is difficult to achieve a paint project. You might ask why spend so much time and energy as well as products to redo a piece of furniture when stores as well as online sell furniture at a low cost. It is easy. These are solid pieces of furniture that are no longer made and the trees that are the lungs of our planet beg you to quit consumption again and again.

Recuperating is a new style!

Embark on this movement of renewal and creativity.

For all of your questions concerning the products or the steps of the process, the team at Colorantic is there for you. The employees as well as the owner are pleasant and happy to help you with any of your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out to them and learn to survive in this era of consumption.

I will leave you to throw around ideas for the next project that you are going to upcycle, A frame, a flower pot, your sofa, your kitchen chairs, a bureau who knows!

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