Antique Window – How to Refinish to Give it the WOW Factor

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Antique Window – How to Refinish to create an Original Decorative Item

Have you ever wondered how to refinish an antique window to use as decor in your house?  Here’s how I did.

Even before the kitchen renovations started, my head was full of decorating ideas.

On the wall above the island, I dreamed of having shelves.  Since I love the originality as well as the process of refinishing, I wanted to revamp the old hutch from our dresser.

However, the installation of a pocket door weakened this wall, so it was no longer possible to install the heavy hutch. For a few months, I was looking for an original item that would lend a lightness to the dark kitchen.

Then, while rummaging through our treasures, my husband had the brilliant idea of ​​salvaging an antique window from our century-old house and adding a shelf to it.

How to add a Shelf to the Antique Window

To avoid weighing down the window, he opted for basswood, which is a very light wood.

Then, he gave it an aged wood look by using different tools.

Finally, we chose planter supports to attach it to the window.

Step 1: Preparing the Antique Window

First, I removed the old peeling paint with a stiff brush.

Then, I dusted it off really well using an air compressor removing the dirt accumulated in all the crevices.

Once the painter’s tape was applied, I was ready to start painting.

Step 2: Painting the Antique Window Frame

Afterwards, I used a small amount of the Cotton Ball colour diluted with a little water to thin it out (I always prefer to work small amounts at a time to not waste the paint).

Using the #10 oval brush, I applied the paint lightly and randomly in order to reveal the grayish natural wood of the window frame.

When I was finished painting, I used a damp cloth and wiped some of the paint away in some areas until I got the desired worn effect.

After the paint was completely dry, I sanded lightly with my sanding blocks to give it a worn effect .

Too much wear … no problem, add more paint!

Step 3: Painting the Shelf

Before painting the shelf, I brushed it gently with a steel brush. I sprayed a little water in some areas to bring out the grain of the wood and accentuate the aged effect.

Next, to achieve the natural grayish colour of the window, I applied one coat, Tractor Dust, all over using the #10 Oval Brush.

Before the paint dried completely, I sprayed some more water and applied a coat of the colour Cotton Ball horizontally, and then blended the two colors using my paintbrush.

Using a damp cloth I wiped in a few places to bring out the grey.

Step 4: Applying the Stencil

In addition, on the back of the window, I applied the stencil and taped it very well using the painter’s tape.  At a distance of about 12 inches, I sprayed the black spray paint, taking care to spray lightly to avoid the paint from running.

The Final Step

Finally, using the XL round wax brush, I applied the Natural Beeswax to all the surfaces and polished it using a rag (an old t-shirt).

The Final Window

I’m really proud of my husband’s brilliant idea to refinish an antique window! The window is a wonderful focal point and gives my kitchen that WOW factor.

I love styling it with the seasons. It always looks beautiful.

Refinishing and Colorantic, the perfect combination for personalized original decor ideas.

Diane Lavoie


Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Diane Lavoie

Diane Lavoie is a great Colorantic paint enthusiast. At first a faithful consumer of our chalk paint from wire to brush, we started collaborating with her. Very talented, with a completely natural sense of style and her projects are always sumptuous! Diane is very creative and she understands how to get a lot with little. His blog posts are always interesting. Here is a selection of articles written by Diane Lavoie. - Recycle a window using Colorantic paint - Transforming old cabinets Diane Lavoie is particularly active in giving you advice in the French-speaking Facebook group '' TRUCS/Déco en tout genre ''. She shows you her latest projects, new products, her inspirations of the moment, her interventions are always relevant! Diane does not only like decorating and painting. She is a woman of heart who loves to celebrate her family, her husband but also her faithful feline friend Cinnamon, who loves to embellish the decorations too. Word from Diana; Our dream is to restore an old house. We acquired a house built in 1906 and in 1992 this adventure began. I like the decor and I like the originality. Seven years ago I discovered a passion for the upgrading of furniture and various recovered objects. Now that the house has been completely restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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