Rejuvenate a dining room set with Colorantic products

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After my new house was built, my dining room set looked old-fashioned. I decided to give it a second life with products from a Quebec company, Colorantic. In this blog you will find the different products used, as well as the steps that helped rejuvenate a dining room set.

Steps to follow:


I cleaned the table and the chairs with the varnish cleaner and remover, then I sanded lightly after drying. Sanding allows for better adhesion of the paint to the surface to be painted.


I applied 2 coats of the Toasted Marshmallow colour to the base of the table and to the legs and backs of each chair. Let it dry well between coats.


I applied 3 coats of the Night colour on the seats of the chairs, as well as on the top of the table. Again, let it dry well between coats.


Then I mixed 3 parts Glaze with 1 part Night paint. Afterwards, I covered section by section with the Glaze / Night mixture on the toasted marshmallow coloured pieces. I waited 2-3 minutes before wiping with a dry cotton cloth to leave an old effect. I touched up the corners a bit with a small paintbrush.


I finally applied a coat of Mat Topcoat with the 38mm brush. Once dried, I sanded lightly and then applied a 2nd coat. For the table top I applied 3 coats instead of 2.

Anick St-Germain

Annick St-Germain - Créations Na-Nick

Annick St-Germain ( Création Na-Nick )

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