Painting a dresser Lemon Pie

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Painting a dresser Lemon Pie



Painting a dresser? Add a splash of colour to your dining room with our delicious Lemon Pie paint. Our blogger Kim rose to the challenge and passed with flying colours. She upgraded a dresser a few months ago, perfect for a dining room area.





Here are a few words from her:

“The Lemon Pie and Cotton Ball colours (which reminds me of the lightness of meringue) immediately appealed to me for this project with their soft and refreshing appearances. The use of a stencil on the top and front of this dresser also adds a touch of originality!

What could be more invigorating for a dining room than these appetizing and sweet hues!

Below, you will find the steps to carry out this project that constitutes a true delight of the senses! Right before that, you will find the list of the products that I have used.”


List of Products Used:


– Water

– Colorantic Paint: Lemon Pie , Cotton Ball , Tractor Dust

– Two soft and clean cloths

Clear Natural Bee’s Wax

Oval Paint Brush 35mm

Small round pouncer sponges 

Round wax brush

Green painter’s tape

Decorative Stencils

Sanding Block





Steps to Painting a dresser 


1 – First off, take a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface of your furniture to remove all traces of dust. For used furniture, it is advised to lightly sand the dresser so that the paint adheres better.

2 – Then comes the painting stage. To spruce up your dresser, apply Cotton Ball chalk paint to the door and front drawer. As well as on the entire surface of the sides of the dresser. Then I thought a little color would make the whole thing more cheerful looking, so I applied the Lemon Pie paint to the top of my dresser. In order to get more opacity since my furniture was on bare wood, I applied two coats of chalk paint. The covering capacity of Colorantic paint is remarkable. A single coat would have been enough, but I wanted the result to be optimal. It’s my little perfectionist side!

3 – Third, to add some relief to the whole thing, I made a water-based stain (Homemade by the way, see below for the recipe). Then I applied it using a practically dry brush, in the direction of the grain of the wood and starting from the edges of the furniture. Then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. This effect is meant to add some visual texture and give this new dresser a few years of “wear and tear”.

4 – The fourth step is adding the stencil (or paint a pattern by hand for those who have the soul of an artist) on the front of the door. For my part, I opted for a very simple stencil that you will find on the Colorantic online store. For the front door stencil, I painted the color Lemon Pie. On the other hand, for the stencil pattern on the top of my dresser, I took Cotton Ball as a contrast colour.

5 – Let dry a few hours before continuing.

6 – Lastly, the final step! To properly protect your furniture and improve its durability, you can opt for a wax or a varnish. In this specific case, I used the natural beeswax by Colorantic. It’s soft touch finish and barely glossy appearance completes the overall work wonderfully.


Homemade stain:

To make your own homemade stain in this way, you need to mix one part Tractor Dust paint with three parts water. (You can use this stain recipe with any of the Colorantic colours. Finally, for a more opaque result, add more paint or for a lighter result, add water to the mixture).








And that’s the work! Above all, remember that after applying wax to furniture, it is always best to wait at least 7 days before using it. This is on average the time it takes for a wax to fully harden.

You are now ready to embark on this Colorantic project!

These colors Lemon Pie and Cotton Ball made me hungry! And you?




Thank you very much to Kim for presenting this magnificent project with Colorantic products.



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