Painting a decorative paddle with Colorantic

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I was lucky enough to come across someone who was giving away an old paddle on Marketplace to the first person interested. I was event more lucky to be that famous ”first person” who was able to benefit from this incredible deal! I already knew exactly what I was going to do with this and I will explain here how to turn an old paddle into a decorative object.

old paddle



This project is very easy to do and I would even say the fastest. In all, it took me 3 hours to complete this project here’s how:


First, the important thing was to remove all the old varnish that was left on the paddle. So I used an electric sander with a 100 grit sandpaper, I was able to remove the varnish in no time.


Next, I applied green paint masking tape to mark out the areas that I wanted to paint. Two coats of Colorantic Night paint were sufficient to achieve the right result. With the stencil, I did the same exercise again to write the last name of my partner and my boys. I would have liked to put my last name too, but Bourque-Ouellet is unfortunately a bit too long and, according to my kids, it sounds less cool than Pigeon!

decorative paddle

A FREE Marketplace listing, great Colorantic products and 3 jours later I had a new decorative elelement to add to my decor! In short, this is a project that is done in no time. It allows me the option to personalize my entry way, while earnig me kind words from my guests.

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet



Peggy Bourque Ouellet

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet is a DIY blogger for Colorantic


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