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Update a Night Stand at a Low Cost | Refaire une table de nuit à peu de frais

Upgrading nightstand at a low cost

Claudia, our designer at Colorantic loves to give a second life to furniture. This time she decides to upgrade the nightstand at a low cost.

To bring this project into life she used furniture inherited from her boyfriend’s grandmother. This little nightstand is perfect for an evening project.

To give a contemporary look while keeping the vintage look of this piece. Claudia chose the colour Cotton Ball that goes well with everything in your house.


Step 1 – Clean, sand and prepare the piece of furniture

  • Remove the drawer
  • Take off the drawer handle.
  • Apply the cleaner on all of the surfaces, using a paper towel and let it work for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse well, two times to remove any residue.
  • Sand lightly using your sanding block, then make sure to remove any dust
  • Apply two coats of oil primer using your roller.
  • Let it dry for 30 minutes between each coat of primer.

It is now the moment of pleasure! You can start painting!


Step 2 – Paint

  • With the help of a # 6 oval brush start painting all the hard-to-reach places. With your foam roller do the corners, mouldings, inside the drawer and the drawer front with the colour of your choice. (we used Cotton Ball in this project)
  • Next, use your roller to paint the rest of the piece of the furniture. The foam roller gives a more even finish on larger surfaces.
  • Repeat this process until you get your desired finish. In this project, we gave it three coats.

Step 3 –  The Protector

  • Once the paint has time to properly dry, it is time to apply the varnish using a foam roller and the Colorantic paintbrush.
  • We used two coats of varnish. We waited 30 minutes between coats. 

Step 4 –  Apply Wallpaper

  • Measure the bottom of the piece as well as the sides to be able to cut the right side of the paper that you will need.
  • Only remove part of the paper backing and place it, taking the precaution that it is straight. Then remove the rest of the backing.


So this is it, a beautiful transformation in one evening. For this night stand our designer used a 16oz container of Cotton Ball and one knob. She used an oil primer and cleaner that she already had. A nice transformation for around 35$.

Claudia Vigneault

Blogueuse / Consultante / Designer 

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