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armoire avec patine


I am very passionate about decorating, and now that our century-old house has been completely renovated, I take great pleasure in decorating it. Since 2013, we have been looking for something to decorate one of the spaces in our very large living room. Since we don’t like to spend large sums on decoration, recovery is the ideal solution for us. It was while browsing the Marketplace in the fall of 2019 that I discovered this rare gem. A few days later, this beautiful living room cabinet was awaiting an update.

armoire avant
armoire avec patine

Phase 1 – Preparation of the furniture

  • Remove the handle;
  • Spray the cleanser and varnish makeup remover on the living room cabinet and spread it well on all surfaces using a paper towel, leave to act for 30 minutes;
  • Rinse very well to remove all residues;
  • Apply the primer using a foam roller and adhere to the recommended drying time.

Phase 2 – Painting

    You are ready to apply the color, Tractor Dust, using a foam roller;

  • Five minutes later, using the 55mm brush, apply a thin layer of color, Matelot, in the direction of the wood. Quickly, without pressing strongly and randomly, mix the two colors using the damp microfiber cloth. If necessary, spray a little water on the cloth and furniture to facilitate wiping. Using the purple brush, add a little color, Tractor dust, and wipe again. These steps give a very nice texture to the paint, like that of an old antique piece of furniture;
  • Wear down with the sanding block, sandpaper and a damp cloth (t-shirt).


Phase 3 – Surface protection

  • Let the paint dry very well for 24 hours before waxing;
  • The next day, using the XL round brush, and one section at a time, apply the natural beeswax on all surfaces and spread it well with a paper towel or a cloth (t-shirt). It is very important that the furniture is completely waxed as this will allow corrections to be made if necessary.

Phase 4 – The Patina

  • You are now ready to proceed with the patina. Use the three 16mm round brushes, and randomly apply the three colors of wax to the desired places, you will get very beautiful shades by superimposing them. You can get other shades by mixing them first. Let your imagination run wild to create beautiful effects, it is important to accentuate the cavities by applying dark colors;
  • Rest assured,  if you are not completely satisfied with the result, it is always possible to correct the shades by reapplying natural wax, and you can start over;
  • When the job is done, do not wipe with a paper towel or cloth, the wax will harden on its own, it may take up to 30 days.
armoire avec patine

That part of the living room that was so drab before is now enhanced by this beautiful living room cabinet in rich hues. Upgrading a piece of furniture is the satisfaction of having a piece of furniture that is unique to our needs. It is also the great satisfaction of the work accomplished and the pride to say … it is my achievement.

Diane Lavoie



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