How to transform a buffet with ‘Farmhouse’ style

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Nostalgia at the tips of my fingers, my passion is to bring old antique or vintage furniture back to life in my own way. With Colorantic products, work becomes effortless and enjoyable, and the paint is easy to apply.

In all the spheres of my transformations, from the purchase of furniture, decorative accessories to the choice of paint colours everything is already imagined in my head. I check everything there is to do, how many handles there are to change, if I have any holes to fill or repairs to do and from there my designs are ready to be transformed.

On the Colorantic website, we can choose the colour that inspires us and start our project.


Products used


Cleaner & varnish remover
• Shop Towels
• Electric sander as well as 100 grit sandpaper
Sanding block
• Colorantic Cotton Ball Paint
• Colorantic Cappuccino Paint
• Colorantic Natural Beewax
• Colorantic Snow-White paint brush
• Colorantic synthetic oval #10 paint brush
• Colorantic European style oval paint brush
• Recycled handles
• New hinges


The preparation


To begin with, I completely cleaned the antique furniture using the cleaner & varnish remover to remove any traces of grease that might have been in the corners or on the surfaces over time.

I removed all the wrought iron handles and hinges. With the electric sander and a 100-grit sand block, I sanded the entire cabinet to help the chalk-based paint adhere. I used my sanding block wherever my sander couldn’t go.

The preparation stage is almost finished, we just have to use a brush or an air compressor to remove all dust and impurities on our buffet.


The transformation


Cotton Ball paint was used at the back of the sideboard to make it bright. The Snow-White brush makes a great cut because it is soft and firm.

With the European style brush and Cappuccino paint I covered most of the furniture. This colour is not too dark and looks great with white.

The handles were too dark for my taste so I changed their look by using white paint. Two coats of each colour were sufficient. Using the oval synthetic paint brushes, it was easy to cover the massive wrought iron on the inside of the top doors. This type of brush goes well in corners and to work with small details.

After the paint dried, I sanded with 400-grit paper to make the brush strokes disappear. It makes the finish very soft and prepares the surface for the application of the protective wax.

A little Cotton Ball   was used in the places that needed clarity and a vintage effect, really making the finishing touch. Colorantic paint dries quick and the colours are true to their presentation on the site. The wax is very easy to apply.




The aged antique farmhouse look, and Natural beeswax have been chosen on this piece of furniture. The antique style handles and hinges have come to finalize my furniture and as you can see, I love to decorate my creations with objects that showcase them.

farmhouse buffet

Here is my farmhouse buffet, up to date. It offers a lot of storage and character to a dining room.
See you soon for new creations! Follow me on my Facebook page atelier Chic vintage .


Claire Gendron


Claire gendron et son chien amoureuse de la peinture à la craie

Claire Gendron

Amoureuse de la peinture à la craie, et des meubles d'allure vintage, cette adepte de ravalorisation de meubles crée de magnifiques pièces sobres et élégantes. Celle qui est au coeur de l'entreprise L'atelier du meuble Vintage,  a plus d'un pinceau dans sa besas et sauras vous surprendre plus d'une fois avec ses créations uniques et charmantes! C'est encore une fois la merveilleuse peinture à la craie Colorantic qui est mit en valeur lors de ses sublimes créations, un produit performant et écologique qui adhère à toutes surfaces qu'elles soient poreusses, lisses ou lustrées* pour tout les projets originaux! Les pinceaux Colorantic sont spécialement concu pour l'utilisation de la peinture à la craie!  


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