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How to Create a Gradient Effect

I had been thinking about revamping a piece of furniture for some time, but had been waiting patiently for inspiration. I started researching here and there, and it was while watching YouTube videos that inspiration struck…I was desperate for a pink ombré dresser. But how can I achieve a gradient effect and create shading? And that’s when I thought, why not La vie en rose with Colorantic.

We all watch YouTubers, who seemingly effortlessly create works of art. I love the way Crys’Dawna from Bella Renovare works. She uses colour with such cobfidence and fearlessness, seeming to let her imagination run free as the work progresses.

My biggest mistake was jumping in with both feet, without any experience of the technique. Once I had finished my project, I was very disappointed because it was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. Now I have to fix it, so I’m starting from scratch.

how to

Step 1 – Prepare the Dresser

First of all, I removed the handles and gave the whole piece of furniture a good cleaning using the varnish cleaner and remover. I sprayed on the cleanser, let it sit for about 30 minutes and then rinsed twice to remove any residue.

As soon as this stage was completed, I was able to sand my furniture very lightly, just to scratch the surfaces. I gave it a good wipe down to remove all the dust.

I then applied two coats of Colorantic oil-based primer, since the previous varnish was oil-based and Colorantic paint is water-based. I sanded lightly between coats, however, a single coat of primer would have been sufficient.

As this piece of furniture is heavy, I left it in my room to work on it. Fortunately, Colorantic products don’t smell bad and are non-toxic, so I was still able to sleep in the room.


Step 2 – Creation

I love the Peony color, but unfortunately I had too little left for my project, and being in liquidation, it was not possible to get more. So I mixed Peony and Dusty Rose to obtain a beautiful shade of pink in sufficient quantity to work with.

Feel free to have fun and mix colours!

The colours from top to bottom are: Ballerina, Dusty Rose, Dusty Rose/Peony mix and finally Peony.

I had a different brush for each colour, and between coats I kept the brushes in individual plastic bags.

I then applied two coats of each colour where I wanted to, to better visualize the transition zones. Mixing sounds easy, but it’s not, so make a little at a time.

The technique for creating a gradient effect is to dip your brush in the Peony colour and apply a thin layer of paint to the bottom of the transition line between Peony and the Dusty Rose/Peony mix, then take your Dusty Rose/Peony mix brush and add a little paint above this line. Then, using the Peony brush, brush vertically in a circle, next do the same with the Dusty Rose/Peony mix. Meanwhile, keep your paint wet with your spray bottle. Now take your 55 mm dry brush and continue blending and softening, going vertical, circular and horizontal until you can no longer see a distinct line.

Be sure to clean the blending brush with a clean cloth as you go along. Then move on to the next transition line. Continue this process until you are satisfied with your work.


Step 3 – Finishing

To complete the project, I used Colorantic matte varnish all over the chest of drawers.

Next, I applied natural beeswax to the drawer slides for smoother movement. I installed new decorative handles…and now my work is done and I’m very satisfied this time!

I really wanted a pink chest of drawers, and I love the gradient effect. It’s not a perfect ombré, but I’m out of Peony to try again.

I guess I will upgrade this dresser at a later date, with something new.

Life in pink with Gillian Peddie and Colorantic products.

Until next time, have fun!

Gillian Peddie





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