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Decorating on a budget is possible!

When moving into a new apartment or wanting to spruce up our current living space, there are several tricks to decorate without breaking the bank. In addition to saving money, it’s possible to have an inviting and innovative apartment thanks to clever decorations tricks.

Decorating is about transforming our space to our taste! But what can put a stop to our plans is our budget. However, it is possible to change our decor without emptying our wallets.

Ask your circle

Perhaps they have furniture or accessories they want to get rid of or sell at low prices. Old furniture is often of very good quality, made with real wood and can last a long time. 


Embrace second-hand

Cheers to flea markets, garage sales, and stores specializing in second-hand goods. Most of the time, the finds are incredible! By looking carefully and knowing what you need, it is possible to find amazing furniture.

Also, consider browsing the digital equivalent of garage sales: Marketplace, Kijiji, etc.

Recycle what you already own

One of the first reasons that prompts us to redecorate our apartment is the dissatisfaction with our old furniture and accessories. This is entirely normal, but it is crucial to question ourselves: is it possible to reuse or recycle this object into something new and unique? This is not possible in all cases, but furniture or decorations in good condition are simply outdated sometimes.  They can be revamped in various ways. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a new coat of paint to a piece of furniture!

Start a DIY project

You don’t need to be a pro at upcycling! It’s about trusting yourself. With the wide choice of tutorials and blogs you will find on the Colorantic website, you will be guided to carry out all your projects!

Because yes, it is possible to decorate inexpensively. So, it is not necessary to completely change a room. With Colorantic products, you can simply change the colour of a piece of furniture or a decorative accessory that you still love but needs a second wind. Also, you will have a splash of colour that will bring life to a room in the house!

Feel free to write to us at info@colorantic.com for any questions regarding our products and their use, the Colorantic team will be happy to help you! 

The Colorantic Team

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