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1950s style kitchen assortment | buffet de style année 50

1950’s style kitchen assortment

The bright and colourful hues of the 1950s inspire me a lot. So for my kitchen assortment, I used the new Sage green colour by Colorantic and it had exactly the effect I desired. Below is what I used for the restoration, and I will also explain the steps.

spice shelf

Step 1 – Prepare the surface

First, sand the surfaces you want to paint with the sanding block (fine side). Although the Colorantic paint has high coverage, it’s better to be sure that it adheres to its full potential hence the light sanding. To remove all traces of dirt, use the cleaner and varnish remover to finalize the preparation.


Step 2 – Application of the colours

I applied the beautiful Sage paint colour to the cabinet, the shelf and all the accessories. The oval paintbrush was used for the sideboard and the Snow-White paintbrush for angles and places that require precision. For the gorgeous vintage spice rack, the synthetic oval brush (which is super soft) applied paint to these small items very well. Apply colour Cotton Ball to paint the ends of the decorative cooking utensils. Two coats of paint were sufficient for all the furniture.


Phase 3 – Finishing the set

The Colorantic Antique Brown wax darkened the corners, edges, and angles, which now have a vintage feel and pair beautifully with Sage. The sanding block (rough side) softened the furniture and prepared the surface for the application of the Natural Beeswax. The European style paintbrush helped greatly in its application. The location of this assortment of furniture will give a nostalgic look to your 1950s-style kitchen.


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Claire Gendron



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