Review on Colorantic chalk based paints

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Colorantic chalk based paints!

In May 2020, we asked Red Lips and Coffee Sips to give us her value feedback and review the Colorantic chalk based paints.

Red Lips and Coffee Sips manages a platform that shares ideas and souvenirs that might inspire one.

While talking to us, Nadia Aubin, the creator of (Red Lips and Coffee Sips) shares her experiences of lockdown and global pandemic.

She suggests that most of us have developed some new skills in the pandemic.
We spent our time doing cleaning, painting, and cooking.

However, it seems that we have done the spring cleaning tour!

So, why not give a second life to an old piece of furniture in need of love rather than baking banana bread!

Commode rouge -1

Therefore, she started some DIY projects to transform an old piece of furniture into a new aesthetically pleasing one.

To serve the purpose, she used Colorantic chalk based paints.


Commode rouge -2

Nadia Aubin praised our chalk-based paints.
In addition, she mentions that,

It is made in Quebec!

Indeed, it is a must for local shopping.




To conclude the article, you can read “Give a second life to an old piece of furniture” before embarking on a furniture upgrading project. Not only does it perfectly summarize the steps in using our paint, but they are also easy to understand. On the other hand, it is easy to read.
I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Do let me know in the comments section of your DIY project for transforming an old piece of furniture.

Good reading!

Thanks to Nadia Aubin of Red Lips and Coffee Sips for this non-sponsored article on Colorantic products.

We are adding links to Nadia Aubin’s social media channels and website. Do visit these links for some amazing content.





Red Lips and Coffee Sips by Nadia Aubin

Red lips and coffee sips ( Nadia Aubin)

Currently working in the hotel industry whilst writing on the side about things I'm most passionate about. I wanted to create a platform that shares ideas and souvenirs that might inspire you to head out looking for a great cup of coffee whether it's in your hometown or even abroad. Nadia Aubin


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