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Peinture à la craie Colorantic - Colorantic Chalk-based paint | Peinture à la craie Colorantic | Chalk-Based Paint Colorantic

At Colorantic, we’re lucky enough to work with Natacha Créative! In this article, she describes her love of paint and her opinion of our product range.


Painting and me

First of all, painting has been part of my life for a very long time. In fact, I received my first set of oil paints for painting canvases when I was very young. From the moment I first held a paintbrush in my hands. That’s when I knew I’d soon be hooked on all things painting.

Nevertheless, the day I learned the techniques of decorative painting was the day my passion took off. What’s more, anyone who has taken a course with me will tell you how passionate and in my element I was. That said, by that time, I had completely fallen in love with this magnificent art.


My passion


Above all, of all the possibilities offered by painting, what I’ve always loved most of all is transformation. Because choosing an object or piece of furniture that no longer has any personality. And make him proud again with a new outfit. It’s pure magic. In short, just watching him transform before my eyes is a pleasure that gives me an incredible sense of personal accomplishment.

During all the years I’ve learned, taught and worked in this field, I’ve enjoyed both the profession and the pleasure of it. So I had the chance to try out and test a whole host of products. That’s what allows me to have a personal opinion about their functions.

Fun fact: I even married a man who makes paint resin bases for major multinationals all over North America! So you could say that I’m immersed in painting, in every sphere of my life!

Marianne Soucy Propriétaire Colorantic - Marianne Soucy, Colorantic owner | Peinture à la craie Colorantic | Chalk-Based Paint Colorantic

The owner of Colorantic

Not long ago, I received a call from Marianne Soucy, owner of Colorantic. So I went to meet her so that she could introduce me to her brand new paint range, and also to test it out. In fact, now that I’ve had a good look at all her products, I’m really pleased to tell you more about them!


But then again, after several months of using them on various surfaces, both for work and for my creations. In the end, I painted small objects and some furniture. And now I’m ready to tell you all about it!


What is Colorantic?

I’ll start by introducing you to Marianne Soucy, a woman as passionate and in love with chalk paint as I am. Indeed, she’s very proud to be able to say that she’s the first French-speaking woman in Canada to own a chalk painting business. But it’s not just about paint, it’s also about products specializing in furniture refurbishment.

Originally from Victoriaville, Quebec, Marianne now lives in Ontario, where she is a professional furniture painter. As a former owner of a vintage boutique selling converted furniture, as well as a teacher and mother of three, it’s safe to say she knows the value of time.

That’s why we’ve chosen to design products that are easy to use and quick-drying, with the aim of making life easier for everyone and helping enthusiasts create beautiful furniture.


Exceptional quality

His great desire to create a high-quality, made-in-Canada product line became a reality. And all to the delight of decorating and transformation enthusiasts. The colors offered are magnificent, creamy and smooth.

Also, the paint applies beautifully and dries properly, neither too quickly nor too slowly, allowing you to achieve an even finish as well as work with texture.
Colorantic paint is truly matte and chalky, so it’s perfect for painting on a wide range of surfaces. As a bonus, you’ll discover the name of each of the colors in her palette, which is quite a fun choice!


My opinion of Colorantic products

To begin with, my greatest anticipation concerned the finishing wax. Not that I doubted its quality, it’s just that I’d already tried waxes from other companies that weren’t to my taste. I know that many people hate working with finishing waxes. So I was a bit afraid to try it and not like it. However, to my great surprise, it’s a fabulous product! The wax is easy to apply, polishes easily and does not stick.

That’s when I was won over by this company and its quality products, which lived up to my expectations. Marianne has a wealth of knowledge in the field, and knew exactly what she wanted to offer. So she’s done her homework, as they say. And I’m really proud that we now have a fantastic, economical paint brand just for us in Quebec.

In fact, what’s even more important to me is that we can now work with products that are accessible and easy to use.

So, for this tour de force, my hat’s off to Colorantic. It’s worth pointing out that its range of products will soon be available throughout Quebec. In fact, more than 50 boutiques are already stocking these wonderful, innovative products!

Natacha Creative


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