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Floor Candlesticks

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Chandeliers and lights | 0 comments

How to Make Floor Candlesticks?

I was looking for some floor candlesticks but got a sticker shock when I realized how much they cost in retail stores. So, I decided to make my own. It was surprising how easy it was. Here’s how.

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Here are the steps to make your own candlesticks.



If you’re using brand new furniture legs from a hardware store, you can move into the next step, once you’ve removed the screw from the top. If you’re using furniture legs that you’ve drifted or spares from old projects, you’ll have to clean and sand the legs and remove any nuts or screws meant to attach them to furniture.

    Steps to follow

    Using glue, I attached a plant saucer to each end, making sure to center the leg on the saucer. I used 6” terracotta saucers for the base of the tall candlesticks.
    Once the glue had cured, it was time to paint. If the legs are made of pine or another type of wood that bleeds, you’ll have to prime with a blocking primer. Otherwise, paint the whole piece in the colour of your choice.
    Lightly sand, add a second coat and lightly sand again.

    Finishing Touches

     Either add a top coat of clear wax to the entire piece and then use your coloured wax to add some depth and detail.

    In Conclusion

    Buying this from a retail store is expensive. Making your own means you can customize it to fit your decor.

    1. Clean your furniture legs, if used/old
    2. Remove nuts or screws
    3. Glue your leg to plant saucer
    4. Prime, if required
    5. Paint two coats with light sanding in between
    6. Protect with either topcoat or clear wax
    7. Add coloured wax for depth/interest

    For more ideas on how to antique furniture, you may join the following group:


    Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

    Gillian Peddie

    Gillian Peddie is a big fan of chalk based paint. She refurbished her first furniture project when she was 14 years old. Gillian continued to refurbish unused and unwanted parts until she joined the army. Now, it has been over 40 years since her first creation! Here I am again doing it. But it was “Anthropologie Enchantment Dresser Dupes”, which inspired her to do something again and thus reconnect with his passion for recycling furniture! Gillian Peddie loves working with Colorantic chalk based paints. "Colorantic products are simply perfect for all her projects", says Gillian. There's nothing quite like receiving your chalk based paint order. To finally be able to start this project of putting an idea into action! With old furniture the possibilities are endless. Brushstroke here, brushstroke there, miracles exist and are at your fingertips! You just need the right tools. She learned a lot from reading the technique tips. You can turn an old chest of drawers into a bench. You can pay homage to old family furniture. Having trendy decor does not necessarily mean buying everything new. Everything that is done with the sweat of our brow is always followed by greater satisfaction, and that is priceless.


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