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Shaded technique New Spring-Summer 2022 colours

by | May 6, 2022 | Colorantic Products Updates | 0 comments

Shaded chest of drawers New colours Spring-Summer 2022

Doing an ombré technique with the new Colorantic Spring-Summer 2022 colours, what a joy! Why not? Even unwanted parts deserve a makeover! This dresser was in such bad shape that my family thought I was crazy to try. I decided to undertake this project because every piece of furniture deserves a second chance. I thought why not try an ombré technique with the new Spring-Summer 2022 colours from Colorantic: Raindance and Ranch.


The piece I’m using is an old beaten-up pine and particle board dresser, in need of lots of love. I thoroughly cleaned the piece, inspecting for damage and repair. So I had to use a two-part filler to fill a couple of spots of major damage. I also used wood filler on some minor spots. All the drawers needed to be redone, holes filled, etc, did I say this needs love? I then scuff sanded and primed.

Doing an ombré technique with the new Colorantic Spring-Summer 2022 colours is effortless to do. Just spray water gently on the desired places and rub gently to mix the 2 colours.

The steps to follow:

When I was asked to try the new spring/summer colours, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had no idea what the colours would be. It was like Christmas when I got the package. I looked at the dresser, with the pots of colour sitting on top with some 10” silver hardware I wanted to use and inspiration hit. Since there’s not a lot of interest in this piece, I’m going to do an ombré with Ranch and Rain Dance. Before I started painting, I drilled the new hardware holes. I did the first coat to place my colours, the second to finalize the placement and the third to complete the detailed blending. Then I decided to decoupage the sides of the drawers with some paper I had. I did 2 coats of topcoat added the hardware and we’re done!

To finish:

Did you know that Colorantic paint reactivates with water? This means you can work on your final blend for a couple of days. You have to know when to stop.

The process of painting furniture can take you on an unexpected creative journey.

Have fun!

In conclusion

If you do have any issues or have questions, call Colorantic at 819-795-4442. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.  If your vision isn’t coming to life, start over.  It’s paint!

If you would like to have even more furniture reupholstery ideas, you can check out the following Facebook group

Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

Gillian Peddie

Gillian Peddie is a big fan of chalk based paint. She refurbished her first furniture project when she was 14 years old. Gillian continued to refurbish unused and unwanted parts until she joined the army. Now, it has been over 40 years since her first creation! Here I am again doing it. But it was “Anthropologie Enchantment Dresser Dupes”, which inspired her to do something again and thus reconnect with his passion for recycling furniture! Gillian Peddie loves working with Colorantic chalk based paints. "Colorantic products are simply perfect for all her projects", says Gillian. There's nothing quite like receiving your chalk based paint order. To finally be able to start this project of putting an idea into action! With old furniture the possibilities are endless. Brushstroke here, brushstroke there, miracles exist and are at your fingertips! You just need the right tools. She learned a lot from reading the technique tips. You can turn an old chest of drawers into a bench. You can pay homage to old family furniture. Having trendy decor does not necessarily mean buying everything new. Everything that is done with the sweat of our brow is always followed by greater satisfaction, and that is priceless.


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