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Are you like me?
Do you like to decorate your home with an updated look? 
Do you need to change your look every year to keep up with the style?
Well no!! We have to understand! The earth keeps turning and we have to protect it. That’s why I like to paint furniture that I salvage, in Vintage stores or those that I have at home. That way, we give them a second life and they will still be reusable for another decade.

So after finding our favourite pieces of furniture to dress our room we have to fix them up. especially if the furniture is all different from one another.

In my case my project was three completely different pieces of furniture: one was made of bamboo and wicker, one laminate and the other an old uneven wood.

I decided to play around with colours, textures and shapes to create a link between them.

Preparing your furniture

The first step is the most important. A piece of advice: relax, have fun, and most important have confidence! I would suggest that you put on some music that you love to stimulate your creativity.

It is time to start your project. Start by removing your handles, the drawers, the doors, we won’t lie to you the finished product will look so much better if you take the time to follow all of the steps.

It is now time to properly clean your piece of furniture. To do this I used Colorantics Varnish Remover and Cleaner that I sprayed on all of my surfaces. I let the product work for about 20 minutes. I then rinsed with a bucket of warm water and a cloth to remove all of the grease, dirt and soap residue.

Once I reassured myself that the piece was well prepared, I sanded lightly just to scratch the surface so that my paint would adhere well.

Since I had several pieces of furniture, I decided to use my electric palm sander and finished with my Colorantic sanding block.

It is now time to apply your oil or latex primer. I used two coats on my pieces except on two drawers that I wanted to leave natural.

Applying the paint

For this transformation, I chose the colour Cotton Ball from Colorantic. A classic colour.

I applied three coats of paint sanding lightly between each coat to have a nicer finish. Colorantic paint dries rapidly, it is, therefore, easy to finish my realization in one day.

To paint, I used the purple synthetic brush and a velvet foam roller. The paint brush to do my cutting  and my roller to cover the rest of my surfaces.


For the decoration of the painted drawers, I used the colour Mist and for the stencils on the painted drawers, I used the colour Cotton Ball. I also did two drawers naturally using my stencil and brown stain. You will notice that I left one drawer White without a design. I also applied textured paper using glue.
To finish I love to sand in certain places to give it an aged look, by doing this my furniture can last longer because any new scrapes will fit in with my look.

The final touch

The final step is applying wax to help protect my paint. I used the Natural Beeswax on all three pieces and the White Snow wax on my textured paper. When I applied my glue I had a  surprise, the glue yellowed my paper when it dried. I was happy that the White Snow wax cut the unpleasant yellowing and restored softness to my beige.
To finish we can sit back and admire our project with a good coffee or a glass of wine. (This is my favourite part)

The End!!!

I hope I gave you the urge to try a project! Honestly, it’s so energizing to let your creativity flow. You just have to trust yourself to turn some ugly old furniture into some splendid works of art.
We invite you to click on the YouTube below to watch her transformation.

Have fun !!

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