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Introduction 😉

At the beginning of the summer, my spouse and I wanted to create a small relaxation area where we could install a fireplace. However, I also wanted to make a garden.
As we reserve part of our course for our children, we were faced with a dilemma: Have a relaxation area or a garden?
After careful consideration and some drawings of different planes, we opted to merge our two ideas to get the best of both worlds.

Building Garden Bench!

  • Start by choosing the pallets that are alike in order to have the most uniform bench possible.

  • To create the benches, stack your pallets three high.

In this project, we have done this step five times and positioned them in an L shape

Once properly arranged, screw the pallets together using corner brackets. You can flatten the “L” shaped bracket with a hammer for places requiring a flat piece.


Adding a garden using pallets:

  • For the construction of the garden part, you will need two pallets one on top of the other. To create a bin, remove the top of the pallet that will act as the bottom and remove the top and bottom of the one that will be at the top so that you only have the sides left.

  • If you want to create a long bin, also remove the side that will be inside. Note that if you create a row of three bins, the middle bin will only have the top and bottom sides. You can now screw everything together with the brackets.

  • In order to completely close the bottom of the bin, turn the pallets over and screw the slats you just removed between the existing slats of the bottom pallet.

  • It is now time to make the legs. Use slats that you have removed and screw them under the two corners at the front. One slat widthwise and the other lengthwise. You will therefore have legs that form a right angle.

Assembling Garden Bench

  • The bins you just created will also serve as a backrest for your bench. They must therefore be installed on top of the seats created in steps 2 and 3. To do this, install the boxes on half of the pallets that form the seat. You can adjust the distance to whatever seating space you want.
  • Screw it all together


Constructing the Backrest

  • Now that the cabinet is formed, you can install your backrests. To do this, use pallets that are the same width as a seat and whose slats lie horizontally. You just have to screw these pallets on the edge of the garden to create its extension and form a higher backrest.
  • In this project, we sawed our pallets in half to decrease the height.

  • To solidify the backs, use slats and screw them to the sides of the garden and to the backs of the backrest. You can also screw brackets to the junction of the pallets.


  • Pallet wood is imperfect and often rough, you will need to sand your entire project using a coarse-grain sanding paper and repeat this step with the smaller grain. This will make your bench much more comfortable
  • Now that your structure is made and is now smooth, apply two to three coats of the Colorantic paint mixture using your 55mm oval brush.
  • Finally, since this is an outdoor piece of furniture, it must also be protected against the elements. Apply two coats of Colorantic varnish according to the recommended methods.

To Conclude:

So, after all that hard work, you will now be ready to admire your firepit while nibbling on your crops straight from your garden. A wonderful way to combine relaxation and healthy food!


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